Our Flavor Variety Makes Us The Best Choice

For some people using PVs (personal vaporizers) or "Electronic Cigarettes" as an alternative to smoking can be difficult in the beginning. However with unique cigs, the entire process is so much more bearable because of the look, feel, and taste you can enjoy when you use them.

While we understand many people truly enjoy that cigarette taste, we offer many different flavor options for the vapor you inhale when using our electronic cigarettes. The more variety we offer our consumers, the more we can promise there will be a flavor you find suits your taste best. Our E-liquid flavors give you the sensation of having the satisfying flavor you crave and nicotine without all of the harmful chemicals you want to stay away from. The vapor feels and looks as real as a cigarette can; but having that real flavor is what takes the electronic cigarette experience to whole different level. With menthol and favorite brand flavors to choose from, you can really set your mind at ease about enjoying everything you love about smoking while cutting out everything you want to avoid.

Not only can you enjoy the genuine taste of your favorite cigarette brands, but there are other options that continue to amaze and delight everyone who tries Unique Cigs. Some people may find the cigarette flavors to be too realistic and therefore, detrimental to their overall struggle to be free of cigarettes once and for all. For people who want the feeling of a cigarette between their fingers and the satisfaction of exhaling “vapor” or smoke, but want to be free of the cigarette taste, there are plenty of other flavors to choose from. Unique Cigs can offer you flavored vapor that taste just like your favorite fruits, such as: blueberry, grape, watermelon, banana, strawberry, apple, and cherry. There are many more flavorful varieties to choose from too. You can taste the smooth richness of amaretto, chocolate and even coffee flavors with our vapor choices. There is also vapor available that taste just like almond, cinnamon, and even your favorite energy drink.

With so many different flavored vapor options to choose from, we understand you may want to order more than one so you can narrow down your favorites. With 28 flavors, 8 of them being brand new, you will naturally want to indulge in more than one. At Unique Cigs, you can order 5 new flavors for $35. This allows you to experience Unique Cigs on your own terms and lets you really get a feel for how each vapor taste. Unique Cigs strives to give each customer a unique and fulfilling experience at an affordable price. With variety, affordability, the genuine experience of inhaling the vapor, and the relief of knowing you are not hurting your health, there is every reason to order your kit and vapors today.

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