Electronic Cigarettes Simply Give You Nothing But Pleasure

The world of electronic cigarettes is expanding more than ever. The reason is because once you have experienced the overwhelming pleasure of an electronic cigarette; there is no reason to turn to anything else. Whether you are an avid and experienced vapor or you are literally just now joining the club, you will find everything you need from Unique Cigs. We are simply your one-stop shop for everything from your advanced started kit, your portable adapters and chargers, and all of the flavors you love and those you still want to give a try.

Aside from the obvious convenience and the irreplaceable sense of satisfaction you get after enjoying your vapor, Unique Cigs is loved for all that it lacks as much for all that it offers vapors of all levels. For one, our Unique Cigs electronic cigarettes completely lack tar. We also proudly lack the hundreds of known cancer causing chemicals you can’t avoid when you light up a tradition cigarette. Our unique alternative also lacks the heat, flame, and ash that is unavoidable when you smoke a traditional cigarette. When you enjoy the rich and flavor taste and sensation of a Unique Cigs electronic cigarette, you also get to enjoy the lack of odor and stale ashtray feel in your mouth. You are literally left satisfied, content, and still feeling fresh and clean, not dirty or as if you need to hide the smell or taste. You will never have to spray room deodorizer, body spray, or chew gum incessantly to cover up your form of relaxation. You simply get all the pleasure without the hassle and the afterthoughts of guilt that accompanies anyone who ever lights up a traditional cigarette.

The convenience of using an electronic cigarette from Unique Cigs is also unmatched compared to the alternative ways to reach maximum inhaling pleasure. You can actually sit in a restaurant or bar and hold our electronic cigarette between your fingers, inhale the flavorful vapor, and release all without a second look. While you should always check with management first, it is widely accepted in public and becoming more and more popular. You will also enjoy no longer having to excuse yourself from the party or the group to sneak a traditional cigarette again. You can actually stick around and get your ideal flavor and oral fixation satisfied while being still part of the group. The simple relief in not being treated like an outcast or having that cloud of actual smoke hover overhead makes becoming a vapor the most accepted and simple way to keep enjoying what you love, while cutting out everything that you don’t.

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  • Willie Rodriguez says...

    I have as well made the switch now spend only $35.00 every two weeks compared to $280 every two week ($10.00 a pack * 2packs a day =$280 every two weeks) WOW that’s almost a $10,000 a year raise I just gave myself will never go back to smoking normal cigs. Im A VAPOR for LIFE!!

    May 22, 2015

  • Nila l Castiglia says...

    I have been smoke Free for over a year, decreased to 12mg, amazing after smoking for 30 years, I am so glad My son and Daughter encouraged me to try e cig, Thank you

    May 22, 2015

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