Knowledge is Power in the World of E-Cigarettes

For those just now looking into the world of electronic cigarettes, the wealth of information can be a bit overwhelming. But, once you learn more and take the dive into the vapor lifestyle, you will wonder why it took you so long.

Electronic cigarettes come in all different styles and flavors. Researching the basic starter kits should be your first step. There are varying levels of experience when it comes to kits, but starter kits typically have all you need to begin the vapor lifestyle.

E- cigarettes are basically battery powered personal vaporizers that act much like an inhaler, only using battery powered heat. There is no actual combustion of flame as with a traditional analog; but the liquid is heated into a vapor that is inhaled and safely enjoyed by the user. The liquid comes in cartridges and is composed of water, glycerin and propylene glycol with flavors and/or nicotine added. The unique thing about electronic cigarettes is that you choose whether you want a cartridge with full levels of nicotine, no nicotine, or a variety of levels in between. This lets you fully manage and control the amount of nicotine you have in your system without the added cancer causing chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

Customization of your vapor experience is just one of many reasons the number of “vapors” is increasing across all demographic groups. You can choose from flavors ranging from your favorite drinks such as energy drinks and coffee, and even flavors of many fruits and spices, such as cinnamon, strawberry, vanilla, banana and many more. When you order a starter kit, choices are also available when it comes to look and feel. You may want an E-cigarette that feels and handles exactly like a traditional analog, or maybe one that is more discreet. You also can choose various battery life varieties along with USB cables, wall chargers, and other on-the-go accessories. Take into consideration how often or where exactly you plan to use your electronic cigarette before investing in a starter kit that has more or less than what you need. Variety packs of atomized cartomizers in many strengths and flavors further enables you to enjoy your electronic cigarette countless ways.

Getting the oral fixation you desire without the stigma of smoking has never been easier and more enjoyable. Unique Cigs can meet the needs of any level of experience in the vapor lifestyle, whether you are looking to start or just looking for more flavors and varieties to expand your enjoyment level.

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