Unique Cigs Really Gives The "Vaper" A Unique Experience

The electronic cigarette industry is really taking off nation-wide and one reason is because of the amount of options and choices users have over smoking traditional analog cigarettes. Unique Cigs is one electronic cigarette company who provides more choices and versatility of use than people new to e-cigarettes may have ever realized.

When you decide to give “vaping” a try, you may be very surprised just how much you can customize your personal experience. With Unique Cigs, you can choose a nicotine level that suits your lifestyle or helps you step down gradually from any nicotine usage. Naturally, you can choose an electronic cigarette cartridge with no nicotine. But, you can also choose to use e-liquid containing very low, low, medium, or high amounts of nicotine. The choice allows you the freedom to safely use nicotine without the countless harmful additives that are in analogs and it also allows you to step down your own nicotine use if your ultimate goal is to be nicotine free.

Aside from the versatility of controlling the amount of nicotine in the vapor you inhale, you can also customize your flavor experience. With analog cigarettes, you have regular or menthol as your only basic flavor options. With electronic cigarettes from Unique Cigs, you can actually enjoy your favorite flavors or you can order a variety and give new flavors a try. The flavors range from tasty fruits like strawberry, raspberry, kiwi, peach, cherry, blueberry, and others. You can also enjoy deep, rich flavors such as coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and amaretto. For those who want an electronic cigarette to simply taste like the flavor they have loved in analogue cigarettes, we’ve got that too. You can choose menthol, tobacco flavor, or even the deep flavor of a Cuban cigar. With so many options, you could try different combinations every time you order new cartridges.

Unique Cigs are never short on satisfaction and our electronic cigarettes are certainly not short on choices either. Being able to customize your experience and dabble in flavors you may have never thought of before is just one reason to give the “vaping” lifestyle a try. With easy to use starter kits and everything you love about smoking, along with the absence of everything you don’t, there is every reason in the world to order one today and become a “vaper” tomorrow.

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