Let us be Your Care-Free Nicotine Alternative

This may be the time in your life where you feel ready to let go of unhealthy habits or change the way you get through the day. You may realize now is the time to veer away from cigarettes and the hold they may have on your life.

It is no secret that while nicotine may be addictive, it isn’t the essentially harmful or cancer causing substance in cigarettes. The plethora of chemicals that are added to the tobacco is what most people wish to cut from their life and stay away from due to health reasons. Knowing this, you may want to still enjoy the sensation of nicotine but want an alternative way to experience it. Many people turn to some of the nicotine alternatives they see in drug stores. However, many people also want to hold on to the sensation they may have had from cigarettes. The best way to enjoy a nicotine alternative and still get all of the positive sensations or feelings you enjoy from smoking is to give Unique Cigs electronic cigarettes a try. You adjust the level of nicotine so you can either still enjoy all of the nicotine you have been used to or you can step down gradually if your nicotine alternative is a way of eventually becoming nicotine-free.

As for the sensation of an electronic cigarette, this easy to use and easy to enjoy nicotine alternative looks and feels just like the real thing. The vapor gives you that coveted feeling of inhaling and exhaling just like a real cigarette. You also get that feel of holding a cigarette, that comfort or companionship feeling. Our Unique Cigs electronic cigarettes as a nicotine alternative also allow for you to sit back and enjoy the sensations you love virtually anywhere. Unlike cigarettes, with harmful smoke that can cause all sorts of respiratory issues for anyone else around, Unique Cigs electronic cigarettes will not disturb the breathing of anyone else. Plus, with our nicotine alternative, you don’t have to contend with the smell, bad breath, or stains you get from cigarettes.

Try the newest electronic cigarettes as the nicotine alternative that gives you all of the satisfaction you want and may need. With flavor options and nicotine level options, there really isn’t a more customized and personalized way to get everything you want while cutting out everything you don’t.

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  • Judy Hall says...

    I believe I am ready to quit smoking, but know I will need help. I have tried some other methods that cost too much and didn’t help,so I am leary on spending more money unless it has a guarantee or your money back. I see that you are able to win a kit and that would really be wonderful. So please pick me for the next starter kit that you give away. Thank-You Judy

    May 22, 2015

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