Petition May Help E-Cig Users a Right to Enjoy Nicotine Alternative!

The Federal Drug Administration is currently in the midst of planned reregulation and possible banning of the use and sale of electronic cigarettes. This consumer friendly alternative to cigarette smoking is enjoyed by countless customers of Unique Cigs and other electronic cigarette manufacturers. The vaping lifestyle has given many of these individual the means to escape the addiction and health hazards that have plagued traditional smokers for decades. If the FDA succeeds, many of those who utilize electronic cigarettes may find themselves in a position where they feel they have no choice but to return to buying and using traditional cigarettes.

This proposed ban or implementation of regulations only helps the cigarette industry hold consumers hostage to their product. The act of taking away access to a healthier and more acceptable alternative serves no positive purpose, in the eyes of e-cigarette users and those who encourage them to enjoy a more environmentally friendly alternative to cigarettes.

Thousands, if not millions, of consumers already know why electronic cigarettes are a much more preferable alternative to regular cigarettes. You are able to inhale flavored vapor that does not have the hundreds of cancer causing chemicals contained in cigarettes. There is no smelly or illness-inducing smoke. There is no heat producing flame or tip that can cause fire. There is no lung clogging tar or staining of teeth and fingers. There are no proven health hazards to those around you if you are using an electronic cigarette, as opposed to the risks of second hand smoke from cigarettes. There are simply flavors you love, nicotine levels you want, and safe accessories for usage and charging.

Below is a petition many users and loved ones of uses of electronic cigarettes are signing to help stop the proposals of the FDA. Thousands have already signed to help keep electronic cigarettes accessible and usable by the public who crave a safe, affordable, and enjoyable alternative to cigarettes. Click the link below and add your name to the list if you feel electronic cigarettes should remain accessible as an alternative to regular cigarettes.


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  • Nila L. Castiglia says...

    Absolutely agree to allow electronic cigarettes accessible, It has been the best that has happened for me in thirty years of smoking . I quit last year, no more coughing. I have reduced the amount of nicotine from the Highest amount to the lowest in one years time, with no adverse affects, I will be on mist within the next two months. My children and grandchildren are very happy for me and themselves They are no longer around harmful smoke , my ecig Harms no one, and has helped me eliminate smoking in a safe and effective way, with no withdrawals.I would and do encourage the ecig to any smoker on the planet, A effective way to QUIT smoking for Me and many others, Thank you, sincerely Nila L. Castiglia

    May 22, 2015

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