We Provide the Best Electronic Cigarettes Because We Know You Deserve Nothing Less

When our founder, David Holmes, first opened a kiosk in the Great Northern Mall three years ago, it was with the same principles and mission in mind that is still adhered to today in all of our retail locations. That kiosk still operates today with the intention of making sure customers have choice, the level of satisfaction they desire and an affordable way to enjoy the pleasure of the best electronic cigarettes.

At Unique Cigs, we continue to grow beyond that one kiosk because we know how to meet the needs of the customers who have stuck with us since the beginning and also the needs of the first time user of electronic cigarettes. We have discovered as we continue to grow that it is through evolving the ease of use and providing flavor choices beyond compare that partly make up why so many have stuck with us since the beginning. Our loyal customers also do us the great favor of spreading the word, which has helped inspire us to believe more locations can work and can help new customers.

Three years ago there was and there still is the desire for people to find the best electronic cigarettes to help them step away from being a smoker. However, as great any a smokers desire to quit may be, the withdraw symptoms and the thought of giving up the satisfaction many smokers find in a traditional cigarette can deter so many from even giving alternative devices a try. However, we have so many starter kit options to choose from, regardless of how much you smoke or what your personal reasons are for thinking you need an aid to quit, we may be what you are looking for. With Unique Cigs electronic cigs, you can avoid those unwanted withdrawl symptoms and still feel the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction you crave all the while leaving behind all you want to cut from your life.

We know everyone is different and their needs are reflective of those differences, therefore we strive to let the individual user still be an individual. We value our customers and the unique needs and wants they all bring to the table. This is why we continue to grow, evolve and do all we can to assist you in your journey to experience and benefit from the best electronic cigarettes on the market today. 

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  • tracey thirber says...

    Love your product

    May 22, 2015

  • April robertson says...

    Also, in its continued quest for excellence , unique cigs has added the fire fly, a unique vaping experience, it has a very smooth flavor and provides a good throat hit and a generous cartridge.i highly recommend it!!!

    May 22, 2015

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