Get The Facts About E-cigs

You may have heard a lot about electronic cigarettes on the news or even from friends; but if you have any questions about e-cigs and what they may be able to do for you, stop in and ask our experts. If you are in any way hesitant to try e-cigs, ask any Unique Cigs user and then see for yourself what the entire buzz about e-cigs is really about. We and our loyal customers are always ready to give unbiased information and always ready to help anyone make the transition from being a smoker to being an e-cigs user.

E-cigs have helped countless individuals over the last few years. Our Unique Cigs electronic cigarette product line may have been the last resort for some who may have struggled with other products on the market. Other products may help some but others may feel left in the dark as to how to get control over their nicotine craving while still wanting to enjoy the sensation of smoking. While nicotine replacement, such as patches or gums, may be enough for some, there may also be aspects of smoking that some people just are not ready to let go of. Some of the attraction may be the act of holding something between your fingers, the warmth of the inhalation and fulfillment inside of your lungs. Other factors that may draw users in and be hard to let go of are the oral fixation and the flavors attached to smoking cigarettes. With e-cigs, you can literally still hold on to everything you actually enjoy about smoking. The warm, flavor-rich and fulfilling sensation of inhaling a cigarette is just as apparent in e-cigs as in actual cigarettes according to many users. However, you can step down the nicotine level to suit your personal desires or wants so you don’t have to endure withdraw symptoms that you would rather do without. You can essentially control and transform your dependence on nicotine without the irritability, cravings or fears that accompany quitting smoking cold turkey or by other means.

If you are in the market for something different, yet something that retains all you may enjoy and love about smoking, it may be time to see if e-cigs are exactly what you have been looking for. When you are ready to be an e-cig user, check out the options available through Unique Cigs. From starter kits to stylish accessories, we have all you need to get started today.

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  • Margaret Olcott says...

    After smoking for 30 years I have tried everything to quit smoking. I now have COPD and am forced to quit. Tried the patch and at least once a day I caved in and lit a cigarette. My friend came to visit and had her E-cig with her and let me try it. As usual, I was skeptical. I am proud to say I have been cigarette free for 1 week. My husband is smoking what we have left and I have to tell you, he reeks. His smoking beside me doesn’t bother me at all, no craving. Can’t wait till he is done smoking. I have a friend that I will be taking to Plattsburgh within the next 2 weeks to purchase her starter kit. I didn’t smoke menthols, but I am hooked on the Artic Berry, it leaves a very pleasant taste in my mouth. Will always be grateful to my friend for getting me started on my E-cigarette.

    If you are on the edge about purchasing one of these to quit smoking, jump off the edge and go for it. You won’t be sorry.

    May 22, 2015

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