With All of the Made in the USA E-liquid Choices We Offer, Why Go Anywhere Else?

There are so many reasons the electronic cigarette industry has taken off the last few years. One reason is the availability of choice of flavors. While other smoking cessation products may offer a flavor or two, the endless choices of made in the USA e-liquid flavors from Unique Cigs are more than a little surprising. They are astounding.

The flavor options we manufacture ourselves go way beyond the competition, and not just in number of flavors. The true enjoyment and real sensation you get when you choose one of our made in the USA e-liquid flavors will leave you salivating and wondering why you haven’t tried electronic cigarettes from Unique Cigs before. We have Turkish select and menthol for those who want to stick with a true cigarette taste. For those with more bold taste buds or preferences, we have café robusto, gourmet chocolate, wild cocoa and vanilla options. We also know how much some people absolutely love fruit flavors that taste fresh and invigorating. For those looking to dive into fruit with our made in the USA e-liquid options, there is truly something for everyone. We have strawberry banana smoothie, grape, homey crisp apple, kiwi and others. You are guaranteed to find a made in the USA e-liquid flavor you love when you turn to Unique Cigs for all of your electronic cigarette e-liquid needs.

We know how challenging it can be to leave traditional cigarettes behind and try something different. We also know how exciting it can be to discover a new way to control your nicotine intake. When you give Unique Cigs a chance, you will see why so many are trying electronic cigarettes. When you give just some of our made in the USA flavors a try, you will definitely see what people are sticking with us for all of their nicotine alternative needs.

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  • J Crawford says...

    How about a point system to keep us loyal? Also.. a refer a friend program? We have referred 7 NEW customers to you in the last month… they all bought starter kits here in Plattsburgh…

    anyways .. great stuff we love the store,staff, juices and products..

    May 22, 2015

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