Once You Invest in the 901-t Advance Starter Kit, You Will Want to Make it Last

Investing in the 901-t starter kit is the first step to enjoying the best nicotine alternative out there. Knowing how to take care of your starter kit will help you get the most out of the experience and the device.

Taking care of the advanced starter kit is pretty easy if you stick to a few maintenance tips. One tip is to remember to let the battery run out before charging it fully again. This gets you the most life out of each battery. You don’t have to keep it plugged in to use it. One other tip concerning the battery is to use a Q-tip to clean out the charging case a few times a week. This can keep liquid from getting inside and causing a short.

How much you use our starter kit as your main nicotine alternative can affect the lifespan of the atomizers. They can last anywhere from one to two weeks. Once you notice a decrease in flavor or the amount of vapor produced, it may be time to change it. You also want to be aware of ways to keep the heating coil from building up e-liquid too quickly. Taking your electronic cigarette apart once or even twice a week and blowing through the top can help you keep it clean and working at an optimal level. You want to always be sure the e-liquid is not seeping into the batteries or charging components also. With proper care and usage, you should be able to enjoy your 901-t Advanced Starter Kit for as long as you need a nicotine alternative.

As electronic cigarettes and the industry as a whole continues to change and evolve, there will be more advances to expand on what we have now. Be sure to stay up to date on the exciting changes we have in store to make your electronic cigarette experience even more enjoyable, satisfying, and the most effective nicotine alternative you could ever find.

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