Tips & Tricks for the KGO Mini CE-5 Kit

The KGO mini CE-5 kit is very straightforward and easy to maintain, but there a few tips and tricks that you should be aware of to help make sure your device last as long as possible. To set up your device you will need one of your KGO batteries, a CE-5 clearomizer, and your free 18ml bottle of e-liquid. To turn on the battery, click the button rapidly 5 times until you see the battery flash 3 different colors. This will tell you the battery is now turned on. These batteries have a 5 click on, 5 click off safety feature. This is great for those who may carry their devices in a purse or pocket because it prevents the device from firing off when you are not using it. The batteries typically come 60-70% charged right out of the box so the battery will be ready to use once you have it turned on. This means you can be enjoying your new ecig gift in no time at all.

To fill your CE-5 untwist the tip/mouthpiece and take your bottle of e-liquid and shake very well; the flavoring and nicotine is concentrated. Take your CE-5 and hold it at a 45 degree angle then, with the syringe tip on the bottle, simply squeeze the e-liquid inside the tank. Be sure to avoid the center hole. You may fill the tank to the top fill line, which is roughly 1.6 ml. If e-liquid seeps into the center hole, you can always take your CE-5 off of your battery and blow through the mouthpiece onto a paper towel and rid the tank of any access e-liquid. You will be able to tell if this has happened if you hear a gurgling sound when taking a drag. Once the tank is full simply twist the tip/mouthpiece back into place, screw the battery into the clearomizer, press the button and vape away with your new ecig gift.

When the charge on the battery begins to die down, the LED on the button will change 3 different colors; green, blue, red. Once your battery is on red you have roughly 25% of battery life left and you will then need to charge soon. When the battery is fully depleted, it will flash red 10 times. It is recommended that you drain the battery down completely before charging it back up. This will actually help with the longevity of the battery. With proper maintenance, we find that the KGO mini batteries will last around 200-250 charges then will begin to lose their charge capacity.

To charge the battery, unscrew the battery from the CE-5, making sure to hold the textured part of the clearomizer to prevent untwisting the incorrect piece.  Then thread the battery into the USB cord. It then can be plugged directly into a computer, car adapter, or you may attach it to the wall adapter. When the battery is charging the LED on the cord will be red, and when it's done it will switch to green. On average, the charge time will last between 3-4 hours when the battery is fully depleted. It is also recommended to take a q-tip to the threading of the batteries as well as the charging cord once or twice a week to ensure no e-liquid has built up that could result in one or both pieces shorting out.

When using an e-cig device the heating element inside that is vaporizing the e-liquid wears out over time from prolonged use. On average, we find the heating coils inside the CE-5 last around 7-10 days depending on the usage level. Once you notice a lack of flavor and vapor production, or even a burnt / metallically taste it will then be time to change the heating coil. To start that process, simply vape down the remaining e-liquid that is inside the tank to prevent losing any extra e-liquid. Then, take the textured part on the bottom of the CE-5 and twist counter clockwise and pull out the heating coil, wicks, and post. On the top of the post unthread the wicks and heating coil, discard, then twist another back on. Place the post back inside the tank, tighten at the textured part again, and fill with e-liquid as usual. It's best if the e-liquid can sit inside the tank for 5-10 minutes before vaping, just to ensure the e-liquid is fully soaked and pulled to the heating coil.

If you follow these tips and use your new ecig gift correctly, you can count on it being your primary and most effective nicotine alternative for a very long time. Trust Unique Cigs to bring you the easy to use, easy to care for, and easy to love ecig gift on the market.

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