Easy Instructions Make the Innokin iTaste 134 User Friendly

Don’t let the size of the Innokin’s 134 make you think twice about giving it a try this time of year. The New Year is the time to try new things, explore your options, and dive into giving vaping a chance if you haven’t before. Even if you already enjoy the vaping lifestyle, you may want to indulge in the Innokin’s 134 electronic cigarette.

Innokin's 134 is a variable wattage device, enabling people who want to step up their vaping game with an easy-to-use device that is both solid and durable. The device uses a single 18650 battery (2000mAh capacity) and has an easy to use dial to set whatever wattage a person would like ranging from 6.5W-12.5W. It comes equipped with a 3 click on, 3 click off safety feature, and also has 3 different color LED's to show the battery capacity that is left on your charge. When the battery is fully charged, it’s green, then will drop down to yellow, then to red. This will eliminate the need of guessing when your battery is about to die! When it flashes red 10 times, it will then be time to charge your battery.

The iTaste 134 also has a 10 second safety shut off that protects you in the event you accidently hold down the button for too long without realizing it! If this happens, simply click the button 3 times again to turn the device back on. This solid device is sold with a decorative black box, which makes carrying the device even easier.

With the Innokin’s iTaste 134 in hand, you can sit back, relax, vape away without a care in the world. Simple to use, simple to enjoy.

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