Welcome to the Next Step in Ecigs

When you’re looking for the next best ecigs for vaping, you will want to check out the iTaste EP. It is durable, portable and affordable. Another reason to give the iTaste EP a try is the versatility of colors. You can customize the look to fit your style and needs.

The battery quality has far exceeded our expectations. This is why the iTaste EP will be replacing our KGO mini batteries. With a more dependable design and better overall quality, we are fully confident in Innokin to handle our best ecigs’ battery needs. This means the KGO mini battery supply is dwindling. If you want a back-up, now is the time to order one! Once they are gone, they’re gone.

We highly recommend that you upgrade to the iTaste EP battery for your ecigs soon so you can see the difference for yourself. As with any device or product we sell, if you have any questions or concerns, contact us immediately by calling (315) 698-9600 or by visiting one of our Unique Cigs locations.

Are you excited for our best ecigs upgrade?

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