Useful Tips for Your iTaste EP Battery & Usage

The iTaste EP battery comes 60-70% charged right out of the package, so it will be ready for immediate use. To turn the device on, click the button rapidly 3 times. You will see 3 different colored LED's flash, indicating that it is now turned on. If you wish to turn off the device, simply click the button 3 more times. We always recommend turning off the device if you are going to store the device in a carrying case, pocket, or purse. This prevents the device from firing off when it's not in use!

To finish setting up your device you will need to next fill the iClear16 clearomizer. To do so, twist the tip/mouthpiece off of the clearomizer and be sure to shake your e-liquid bottle well; the flavoring and nicotine is concentrated. Then hold the tank at a 45 degree angle and fill around the center hole. You may fill the tank all the way to the top line (1.6ml) and replace the tip/mouthpiece once more. It is recommended to let the e-liquid sit in the tank for 5-10 minutes before vaping, to ensure the wicks have successfully pulled the e-liquid up to the heating coils. After the time is up, twist the clearomizer onto your battery and you are ready to vape!

The iTaste EP battery is a 700 mAh battery so a pack a day smoker will get roughly 4-6 hours of use on a single battery charge. When the battery life is wearing out, the LED behind the button will change 3 different colors. When it's fully charged, it's GREEN, then it will drop down to YELLOW, then to RED. Once the RED LED flashes 5 times, your battery is completely dead and will then need to be charged. To charge your battery, twist the EP battery directly into the USB cord and plug into any USB port. When the battery is charging the LED on the USB cord will be RED, then will switch to GREEN when it's fully charged. It takes an average of 3-4 hours to fully charge the iTaste EP battery. We do recommend letting the battery drain completely before charging back up, as this will offer the best longevity on your battery.

**Please note! If you wish to charge your battery with a wall adapter, you specifically need the INNOKIN HOME ADAPTER. The Firefly/KGO home adapters put out too much voltage which could result in your battery malfunctioning or wearing out even quicker.**

The average life of the iClear16 clearomizer heating coils is around a week so, depending on the usage level. When it becomes time to change the heating coils, we always recommend vaping down as much of the e-liquid as possible to prevent the change from becoming too messy, and of course to prevent losing a lot of the e-liquid. To change the heating coil, twist the textured part of your iClear16 tank counterclockwise and pull the ground and previously used wicks out. Then at the top of the center post, untwist the top piece (wicks, plastic gasket, and all) then discard the old, and twist a new one back on. Thread the post back into the tank/tube and refill the tank like normal…. and ENJOY!

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