Keeping Your iTaste EP Alive

To maintain the best quality drag and life on your iTaste EP device, it is recommended that you follow a few basic maintenance tips to keep your device acting as new as possible, for as long as possible! The average battery life of the iTaste EP battery is around 200 charges. This number can be significantly changed if you aren't maintaining your device as intended.

First, always be sure to drain down the battery completely before charging it back up. If you charge an e-cig battery when it's only 50% dead, when you charge it back up you are only charging the device 50% instead of 100%, thus shortening the life of your battery. This applies not only to the individual charge, but your charges in the future. Also, be sure to not leave your battery on charge overnight. Overcharging can also result in the battery wearing out much quicker than the estimated 200 charge lifetime. To prevent any e-liquid damage to your battery, we always recommend cleaning out the threading of not only the battery but the USB charging cord as well. Once or twice a week, take a q-tip to the threading of both parts to ensure there is no e-liquid build up. E-liquid and electricity DO NOT MIX!!!

When using any e-cig device, the heating elements that are vaporizing the e-liquid often wear out. We give an average of about a week when using the iClear16 clearomizers, depending on the usage level. It will become very evident when it becomes time to change the heating coils, as there will be a lack of flavor and vapor production, and even a "burnt" or harsh taste. We sell the replacement heating coils for $3.95 a piece, or we have a 3x$10 deal. The tube/tank itself shouldn't need to be replaced unless the tank becomes cracked, if you like to designate different tanks with different flavors, or would just prefer a new color! Replacement iClear16 clearomizers are sold for $8.95 a piece.

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