What Battery to Use for Your iTaste Ecigs


Wondering what batteries to use when vaping our June ecig promos: iTaste VTR, iTaste 134, and iTaste 134 mini? Unique Cigs recommends using our AW High Drain IMR batteries.

These are authentic AW batteries that are purchased directly from the manufacturer. These batteries are protected, which provides more assurance of not failing easily. It is always recommended to use extra caution when using or charging any rechargeable battery. Be sure not to overcharge or over-discharge your batteries, as failure may occur.

Never leave a battery on charge overnight or leave them unattended for long periods of time. Never store your batteries in your pockets or purse where they could make a connection with other items, such as loose change, that can result in your batteries shorting out.

We have recently launched a new clear waterproof battery case that is PERFECT for anyone using these types of devices. The battery safety case holds 2 AW batteries of any size: 18350, 18490, or 18650!

The plastic latches on the sides ensure that your batteries are kept securely in place. We sell these for only $2.99 so be sure to pick one up today to add some safety accessories to your vaping gear!

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