Now that you have your Lily kit ...

Lily-1To set up your Lily kit, first be sure to turn the battery on. Click the button rapidly 3 times, and the LED behind the button will flash at you indicating that it is now turned on. If you wish to turn your device off to store it in your pocket or purse, click the button 3 times more.

To fill your VCAP cartridge, twist the mouthpiece from the battery and set aside. Next pull the cartridge firmly from the atomizer and have your e-liquid ready. Remember to shake it well since the nicotine and flavoring can settle to the bottom. Flip the cartridge upside down and slowly squeeze e-liquid into either one of the SIDE holes.

Remember, DO NOT fill in the center hole, where the air flows through. If your cartridge is not completely pierced, use a paperclip to puncture the holes or line them up with the posts inside the atomizer. Once the cartridge is completely full, line up the 2 outside holes and firmly push the cartridge back into place. Thread the mouthpiece back onto your device and you are ready to vape!

The Lily is a 350 mAh battery, which will give a vaper an average of 2-4 hours of use on a single battery charge. The LED behind the button will change 3 different colors, telling you the battery capacity that is left on your charge. When the device is fully charged it's GREEN, then it will drop down to YELLOW, then to RED. When the battery is completely dead the LED will flash RED 5 times.

Ready to charge your Lily battery? Untwist the mouthpiece, atomizer, and cartridge off of your battery and twist the battery directly into the USB charging cord. The LED on the charging cord will change from RED to GREEN when fully charged. It takes an average of 2-3 hours to fully charge your Lily battery. We recommend you to let your battery drain down completely before charging back up to offer the best longevity on your battery. It is also recommended to take a dry q-tip to the threading of your battery and USB charging cord a couple of times a week to avoid e-liquid build up.

The average life of the Lily atomizer will vary from person to person. We give an average of around a week or so for the lifetime, but the average depends on the usage level. Once you notice a lack of flavor and vapor production, it’s time to replace your atomizer and cartridge. The starter kit includes 4 right inside the package, so use one of these and be sure to have the 2 outside holes of the cartridge punctured before refilling.

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