Goodbye 901 Starter Kit - Hello Haka Mini!

Goodbye 901 Starter Kit

The 901 starter kit (the only device we’ve sold since we first opened our doors) has had many upgrades and facelifts over the years!

To this day we still have customers wanting a slim, cigarette-like device to use. As the ecig industry rapidly changes and grows, some of the technology becomes obsolete. We are currently in the process of phasing out the entire 901 product line, including the batteries, atomizers, clearomizers, USB charging cords, and accessories. Once our limited minimal inventory is gone, it’s gone for good.

mini1Hello Haka Mini Starter Kit

For those of you who enjoy the cigarette type devices, do not worry! We are extremely pleased and excited to announce the 901's replacement: The Haka Mini Starter kit! These will also be a 180 mAh battery so the size and charge capacity will be equivalent to the 901. These devices are a USB pass through device, meaning you have the ability to vape on the device while it's charging, eliminating the need to carry around a PCC.

Included is a 3 ft micro USB charging cord and adapts to a home adapter, car adapter, or any USB port. These batteries have a 510 connection which is much more universal in the e-cig industry, giving you the option of an easier way to change your tank. This specific starter kit will now include an upgraded clearomizer, giving you maximum flavor and excellent vapor production. The only change that our 901 customers will have to adjust to is the button that activates the device. Most e-cigs nowadays are manual devices. With the button instead, the battery doesn’t need to be activated by a hole in its center. The new model eliminates the majority of warranty issues that are directly related to e-liquid damage! It takes a little bit of time to get used to, but most people can find the switch very simple in just a few days.

Each Haka Mini Kit includes:

  • 2-180 mAh Manual Haka Batteries (In Color of Choice)
  • 2- Mini Gemini Clearomizers (2.1 ohm)
  • 1- 3ft Micro USB Charging Cord
  • 1- FREE 18ML Bottle of e-liquid

If in the event you have any questions or concerns about the remaining 901 products or the new Mini Haka kit, please do not hesitate to contact us! You are also encouraged to stop by your favorite Unique Cigs retail locations and try a sample of this today.

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