Assembling Your Haka Mini Starter Kit!

haka-mini-3Ready to assemble your Haka Mini Starter Kit???

First turn the battery on. To do so, click the button 5 times and a white LED will flash at you to indicate that it is now turned on. If you wish to turn your device off to store it in your pocket or purse, simply click the button 5 times more.

To fill your clearomizer, pop the drip tip off and shake your e-liquid well since the flavoring and nicotine will settle. Then with the syringe tip of your bottle, squeeze the e-liquid down the sides of the tank. Ensure that no e-liquid gets inside the center hole. We have found that the tank is easier to fill if you push the syringe tip down as far as you can, past where the wicks are attached, to avoid air bubbles. You can fill the tank all the way to the top and simply replace the drip tip. Let the e-liquid sit inside the tank for 5-10 minutes before vaping to ensure the wicks have fully soaked up the e-liquid. After that time, you are all ready to vape!

When your battery is losing its charge capacity the LED behind the button will change from white to red. The white LED indicates 100%-30% battery capacity and the red will indicate 30%-1% battery life. When the battery is completely dead the LED will flash red 5 times. To charge your battery take the USB charging cord included with the kit and put the cord directly into the bottom of the battery. Once you plug the battery in, the LED will flash to indicate a good connection between the battery and charging cord.

If you do not have your backup battery with you or if you intend to use the device as a pass through, simply plug the cord into any USB port, wall adapter, or car adapter and vape away! If you are vaping while the device is plugged in, the LED behind the button will be ONLY white, regardless of the battery life. When your battery is completely charged back up, the LED on the button will turn off. Although the Haka battery is a USB pass through it is still recommended to let the battery drain down completely before charging the back up as this will offer the best longevity on your batteries! On average the Haka mini battery takes 2-3 hours to fully charge back up.

The heating coils inside the clearomizer will wear out from prolonged use. On average the heating coils will last around a week but this average will greatly depend on the usage level. Once you begin to notice a lack of flavor and vapor production, or even a burnt/harsh taste you will want to change your clearomizer very soon. Replacement clearomizers for the Haka Mini will be sold in a 3 pack for only $9.99.

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