Trade-in Competitor Products for 10% Discount! (Retail ONLY)

Let Us Prove We Have the Best eCigs

When fall comes around the corner each year we embrace changes. Leaves turning different colors, pumpkin flavored everything, and football season beginning again. In turn, Unique eCigs will be launching a brand NEW promotion that we have NEVER offered before!

Throughout the month of September, if you bring in any competitor product you may trade in the device you are currently using and receive a 10% discount on any starter kit (excluding Provari and Zen products). This promotion will be offered at all of our ten retail locations!

In order to receive the discount, you must bring in (at least):

  • 1 battery
  • 1 atomizer/cartomizer
  • 1 piece of charging equipment (e.g.: USB cord / home adapter)

gas station (unicigs)Unique eCigs has been in business now for over 4 years and continues to grow and carry more inventory as time passes on. Offering many different products from numerous manufacturers such as Innokin, Oakley, Smoktech, and Aspire, we are sure to have a product that will suit anybody's smoking necessities! We also have developed our own signature line of e-liquid that is made right in the U.S.A! With only 4 pharmaceutical grade ingredients in every bottle and with over 30 flavors to choose from, you are sure to find your favorite all-day flavor and nicotine strength.

Gas Station eCigs Are Costly & Unreliable

The numerous promotions that are being offered throughout this month on different starter kits is a great time to switch from gas station type e-cigs and move onto more advanced and versatile devices! Gas station devices are not only unreliable but very costly too!

We've averaged that most pack a day smokers spend between $25-$35 a month maintaining our products and this number has held true for years now! E-liquid and heating coils are the two main expenses when maintaining any e-cig but being able to replace just the specific piece that wears out can quickly save you more money.

With ten retail locations to shop at and a direct customer service telephone line, we are 100% dedicated to helping you find and maintain your smoking alternative every step of the way!

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