$10 OFF Innokin MVP V:2.0 to Welcome MVP V:3.0!

iTaste-MVP-starter-kit1The MVP Version 2 has been one of the most reliable variable voltage/variable wattage devices that we have carried to date. With a wide range of options for your settings, paired with the incredible battery life, it's no surprise why the MVP has been a customer favorite for over 2 years now. Much like any other PV in the industry, technology keeps improving and these devices are becoming even more advanced and reliable. In turn, we will be receiving our last shipment of the MVP version 2.0 during the month of December. However, do not fear MVP fans as Innokin has done it again with even more advancements to this device! Innokin has not released all of the specifications of the new MVP V 3.0 but they have announced some of the details.

First, there will be more than one style of the MVP V 3.0. The first will be more economical but will also have the capability of setting your device up to 30W. The other edition with feature a customized Evolv chip that will feature even higher wattage settings and well as other advances in technology. Next, the MVP 3.0 will have a larger charge capacity than the MVP 2.0 (2600 mAh). The position of the power button and the USB charging port will be moved, but only for added convenience. The MVP 3.0 will have a high quality OLED screen, and the potential for a spring loaded connector.

While there is a lot of excitement surrounding the new MVP 3.0, the MVP V 2.0 is still an excellent device to have on hand! Through the month of December we will be selling our full MVP V 2.0 kits for $10 off for $59.99 which will include a free 18ML bottle of e-liquid, while supplies last. Now is the time to pick up one of these devices before they're gone!

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