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The Haka Gemini Is Killing It!

Haka-3The Haka Gemini starter kit has been an excellent seller since we launched the kit in early summer, as it is not only a reliable device but affordable as well. The 1100 mAh USB pass through battery will often give a pack a day smoker a full day off of a single battery charge, and also the option to use the device while it's charging; eliminating the need to carry around multiple batteries a day. This particular feature gives added convenience for those who are near a computer a lot, or who travel and have access to a USB charging port.

The Gemini Clearomizer is a 2.1 ohm dual coil clearomizer giving you excellent flavor and vapor production and is extremely easy to fill, and change out the heating coils. This blister pack that includes both the battery and clearomizer, also includes a 4 foot micro USB charging cord as well as a free 18 ML bottle of e-liquid and retails for just $34.99.

Buy 1 Get 1 HALF OFF!

For the month of January we are going to have an upgradeable offer on this particular kit! Buy 1 Premium Haka Gemini Kit, get a standard Haka Gemini Kit for 50% off! The Premium Haka Gemini Kit includes:

  • [1] 1100 mAh USB pass through battery,haka-2
  • [1] Gemini clearomizer,
  • [1] 4 foot micro USB charging cord,
  • [1] 18ML bottle of e-liquid,
  • [1] large carrying case,
  • [1] standard home adapter,
  • [5] replacement heating coils
The premium kit is sold for $59.99, so when paired with an additional standard Haka Gemini kit, the entire purchase retails for just $77.49! Take advantage of this promotion to stock up on additional batteries, clearomizers, e-liquid, and coils or split the cost with a friend or family member as this promotion won't be around forever! The Haka batteries are available in 4 fun colors; Black, Grey, Coffee, or Chromatic so there is surely a color to meet everybody's preference.

Set Up & Use

To set up your device you will first need to turn the battery on. Click the button rapidly 5 times and the LED light behind the button will illuminate. Next to fill your clearomizer unthread the top metal band with the grooves and set aside. Shake your e-liquid very well as the nicotine and flavoring is concentrated, and gently squeeze the liquid inside the tank avoiding the center hole. Thread the top piece back on and let your e-liquid sit inside the tank for 5-10 minutes to ensure the wicks have fully soaked up the liquid. Thread your clearomizer back onto your battery and you will be good to vape!

As the battery life wears down, the LED light behind the button will change from White to Red. When the battery is completely depleted the LED light will flash Red 5 times. To charge your battery take your micro USB charging cord and plug it into the bottom of the battery, and then plug into a USB charging port or a wall adapter. Once the battery has been on charge for 10 minutes you can now take advantage of the pass through feature and vape on the device while it's charging! When the battery is fully charged the LED light will turn off.

As your heating coils are wearing out you will first notice a lack of flavor and vapor production, or you may taste a burnt/harsh taste. It is recommended to vape down as much of the e-liquid as possible to avoid losing any necessary product. To change out your heating coils unthread the clearomizer from your battery  and then unthread the bottom metal band with the textured grooves in it. You then can untwist the  metal post from the base and discard that piece, and thread a new one back on. You then reassemble and fill you clearomizer as usual. Heating coils will last an average of around of week but will greatly depend on the usage level.

If you have any questions or concerns when using this particular product please contact us! Our headquarters can be reached at 315-698-9600 9am - 5pm Monday-Friday or you may contact your favorite brick and mortar location.

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