NEW ECIG FLAVORS: Cafe Latte & El Mojito


Cafe Latte Signature Eliquid

Unique eCigs is happy to announce that we will be launching 2 brand new flavors very soon! A new coffee flavored e-liquid called CAFE LATTE will be the first to hit our shelves and online store. This coffee flavor is much smoother than our current Cafe Robusto flavor and is lighter in color as well, so it won't clog up your heating coils as quickly. This smooth and creamy coffee flavor is perfect for anybody who can't get enough of their favorite caffeinated drink! No caffeine will be added to the e-liquid though. It's an excellent balance of flavors that can easily become your new "all day vape."

El Mojito Signature Eliquid

Next, sometime within the month of January we will be launching our own mojito flavor; EL MOJITO. This flavor gives you an excellent blend of smooth minty-ness with every drag that is paired with a yummy lime flavor. These two flavors combined are unlike any flavor we have offered to date! Be sure to stop by your favorite Unique eCigs brick and mortar location and sample these two flavors today!

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