2015 Is the Year for Higher Wattage Ecig Devices

[caption id="attachment_30656" align="alignright" width="247"]iTaste-MVP-20-watt-2 iTaste MVP 20W[/caption] There is an increasing demand for devices that can put out a crazy amount of POWER – all whilst having the option to thread a stock clearomizer onto it, or have the option to put a low resistance rebuildable atomizer onto it. Manufacturers are focusing their time and energy on giving your device the ability to be set at higher settings, AND have the device compacted into smaller shells, or bodies. We currently have a few different devices that offer higher parameters for more powerful vaping and we are sure to add more to our lineup as time goes on!

Innokin manufactured 2 devices that enable you to set your wattage HIGHER

[caption id="attachment_30657" align="alignleft" width="201"]Innokin iTaste VV4 Innokin iTaste VV4[/caption]

The first is the new version of the MVP. The MVP 20W can be set from 6.0W-20W and still features its incredible 2600 mAh battery capacity. Also the new iTaste VV4 gives you the ability to set your device from 6.0W-15W and has an 1000 mAh internal battery. Both of these devices are passthrough devices, giving you the ability to vape on your device while it's charging.

New devices manufactured by eLeaf enable you to set your wattage at 2 different sets of parameters

[caption id="attachment_30659" align="alignright" width="176"]eLeaf iStick 30W eLeaf iStick 30W[/caption]

The iStick 30W can be set from 5W-30W and features a 2200 mAh internal battery. This device can power atomizers with resistances as low as 0.4 ohms. The iStick 50W can be set from 5W-50W and features a 4400 mAh internal battery. It can power atomizers with resistances as low as 0.2 ohms.  The iSticks will be available in a couple different, fun colors – ensuring a device that's appealing to everybody!

The iPV3, manufactured by Pioneer4you, enables you to set your device to an incredible 150W!

[caption id="attachment_30658" align="alignleft" width="98"]Pioneer4you iPv3 Pioneer4you iPv3[/caption]

Lastly, the dual 18650 battery iPV3 will not only give you tremendous battery life but also incredible vaping power. The iPV3 can fire atomizers with resistances as low as 0.1 ohms and also has an upgradeable chip inside – leaving you with the potential to have your device reach even higher settings! It's recommended to use some sort of rebuildable atomizer onto the iPV3 as well as the iSticks so that you can use your device to its fullest potential!


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