Atlantis & Melo: Easy-To-Use Sub Ohm Clearomizer Tanks

Easy-To-Use Sub Ohm Clearomizer Tanks

Atlantis-TankSub ohm tanks have taken the vaping industry by storm lately and all for good reason! These tank systems will allow you to get the flavor and vapor production you seek after as if you were rebuilding your atomizer, but you don’t have to do the necessary work! No wrapping your coils and wicking them properly, no messy wire remains floating around, and you won't have to worry about building a coil that doesn’t work! Sub ohm clearomizer tanks are so simple to use because you just need to thread the coil head into the base, prime it with e-liquid, and you’re ready to go!

Atlantis Sub Ohm Tank

atlantis-replacement-tank-2We currently sell 2 sub ohm tank systems; The Atlantis and the Melo. The Atlantis is manufactured by Aspire and has worked incredibly well since day one. These 2 ML tanks feature 0.5 ohm prebuilt coils and use organic cotton internally giving you a clean and pure taste without forgoing flavor and vapor production. The Atlantis is sold for $42.99 and includes the tank itself, one additional heating coil, and a wide bore drip tip. We also have an additional spare tank that can be used in place of the original Atlantis and this will hold up to 5 ML of e-liquid and is sold for $11.99.

Melo Sub Ohm Tank

 Melo-TankThe new MELO sub ohm clearomizer is manufactured by ELEAF. This sub ohm clearomizer is very comparable to the Atlantis as these also are a 0.5 ohm tank that uses organic cotton. The MELO will hold a little more e-liquid than the Atlantis as they will hold up to 3.5 ML of e-liquid. It also features an adjustable airflow valve allowing you to cater to your preferred airflow intake. The clearomizer will be sold for an aggressive price for just $24.99! The MELO kit will include the tank itself and two replacement heating coils. What’s fantastic about this particular tank is that the replacement heating coils for the Atlantis can be used inside of the MELO – making both tanks interchangeable! Be sure to check out these tanks and add them to your vaping lineup!

Required Devices

Please note that sub ohm tanks CANNOT be used on standard voltage batteries/devices! In order to safely use these clearomizers you must have a regulated device such as an iStick30W, iStick50W, iPV3, or a mechanical device! If you are unsure if your device can safely fire off these clearomizers please contact your favorite Unique Cigs location or our customer service department for more information!

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