New & Authentic Rebuildable Atomizers, Parts & Supplies!

Not Just an Alternative to Smoking, but a Hobby

Throughout the past year Unique eCigs has been extremely excited to add more Rebuildable Atomizers – including parts and supplies to our product lineup! Rebuilding your atomizers gives you the opportunity to build your heating coils exactly the way you want. This gives you the option to build for more flavor and more importantly better vapor production. Although there are Sub Ohm Clearomizers/Tanks available, rebuilding truly lets you cater to what you look for in a drag while vaping. Over time it’s easy to have rebuilding become a hobby and not just an alternative to smoking!

Our Newest Authentic Rebuildables

Kayfun V4

Kayfun-4Our ever growing rebuildable product line offers an array of items for those who are looking for something that is cost effective, or for those who seek high-end authentic atomizers. The newest authentic rebuildable we now carry is the Kayfun V4 by SvoëMesto. This RTA can be found online and at all Unique Cigs locations. This rebuildable tank atomizer features:

  • 3 tank options: Glass, Steel, or Polycarbonate
  • Holds up to 4 ML of e-liquid
  • Option to shut off the flow of e-liquid for easy-access to build deck
  • Fill tank without screwdriver!

Derringer Clone

Derringer-RDA-ps-3For those who are new to building (or don’t necessary yearn for an authentic rebuildable) we have a lot of new products that just hit our shelves! The first is the Derringer Clone. The Derringer is an incredibly small rebuildable dripping atomizer that will make any set up very stealthy. It features an adjustable airflow valve, allowing you to build single or dual coil builds. We will carry the Derringer clone in both Stainless Steel and Copper ensuring it’ll look fantastic on any type of mod that you choose!

Marquis Clone

marquis-rda-ps3Another RDA that will be hitting our shelves will be the Marquis Clone. This RDA is unique because the kit also includes 4 posts of various sizes that allow you to build your coils directly onto it so that when you install it, your coils will be in optimal position. You have numerous building options with this particular atomizer making it very versatile. The Marquis will be available in Stainless Steel only.

Mini Buddha RTA

Mini-Buddha-ssLastly, we will be adding the Mini Buddha RTA to our lineup. The Mini Buddha RTA is a 2.5 ML Pyrex rebuildable tank atomizer that offers adjustable airflow. This smaller tank looks great on almost all types of set ups, making this a convenient tank to use on the go! On top of the newer products that we sell, we have many other rebuildable options that we’ve carried for a while: The Authentic Tugboat RDA, Authentic Dark Horse RDA, Mr Owl RDA, The Billow RTA, The Revel RDTA and MANY more!

Rebuildable Parts & Supplies

Kuro-Concept-Coilers-1Our parts and supplies portion of this product line is also growing in size! We carry two types of wicking material: Ekowool and KOGA Japanese Cotton. We carry authentic A1 Kanthal Vapowire in various gauges (24G up to 32G) giving you a huge variety as to what ohm you can build your coils. We have ceramic tweezers that will allow you to pinch your coils while heating them up, saving you some time when perfecting your coils.

Lastly we have 2 different types of wrapping tools: An aluminum coil jig and Kuro Concepts style coilers. Both provide you with posts of varying diameters so you can easily & precisely wrap your coils. Be sure to stop by your favorite Unique eCigs location for more information about our Rebuildable product line!

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