Celebrating 5 Years with Unique eCigs!

unicigs-5years5 Years + 10 Locations = Serving Every State!

On May 1st 2015 Unique eCigs will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary of being a company! What started with just one mall kiosk in Clay, NY we have expanded to 10 retail locations throughout New York State and have an online store that has shipped to every state in the country!

Five years ago we carried just 1 starter kit and offered just 2 different types of e-liquid: Regular & Menthol. As the years have gone on and as the industry expanded so has our product line. As a company we strive to stay on top of the ever growing industry and carry top quality products and listen to what our customers want.

Our Life Changing Priorities Continue

Our top priority will always be our Life Changing Customer Service and to ensure that every person who walks through the door is comfortable in our shops and is greeted with a smile. That is why we maintain our stores as an e-cig ONLY shop, and do not associate ourselves with head shops or tobacco shops. We are one of the first e-cig companies to have brick and mortar locations in the industry and are proud to have successfully done so! Doing this helps us maintain a clean and welcoming environment for every visitor!

Rebranding with a Cabin-Look

Celebrating an anniversary is an exciting time and we are thrilled to be officially rebranding as a company! All of our retail locations will have a completely new look and feel inside. Our Plattsburgh location is the first to be completely redesigned and our other locations will be done throughout 2015. The mindset behind the look of our retail stores will pay homage to our first custom crafted e-liquid line: The Adirondack Series. Inside we will have beautiful wood panels throughout the store giving each B&M a “cozy” feel, similar to a cabin. We will have a new and polished e-liquid bar and expanded lounges so that you can sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee with your vape. With the re-branding we will also have a new identity!

No Tobacco: Not Then, Not Ever

As of May 1, 2015 we have officially added an “e” to our company name making us Unique eCigs. Doing this helped us to eradicate any possible negativity associated with traditional cigarettes and still ensures that we are not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with tobacco and their products! We are through and through an e-cig company ONLY.

New Logo Design

Lastly, we will have a new logo! This new logo is crisp and eye-catching and features our establish date – something that makes us incredibly proud. Over time ALL of our products including e-liquid labels, our website, brochures, business cards, everything under the sun will have our new logo on it! The only thing that will not change is our slogan: Life Changing Vapor Systems. This will remain the same as it holds true from the day we first launched it. Everything that we do revolves around setting a person up with their smoke free alternative and keeping them off traditional analogs. None of this would be possible without customers like you. Thank you for your continued loyalty and patronage to Unique eCigs!

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