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Don’t Be Intimidated About Lingo, Usage, or Information

You may have thought about e-cigarettes for some time. You may even have friends who have already dived right into the vaping and e-cig lifestyle. Don’t let intimidation of something new and different hold you back from a world of enjoyment beyond what you are getting from actual cigarettes.

The lingo alone may make you leery and may lead you to assume you won’t be able to jump in. With our online forums and professional staff able to answer questions and guide you through the beginner’s process of e-cigarettes, you are literally a few clicks away from satisfaction and being in the know. There is no question too simple or too complicated for Unique Cigs to tackle. We want you to be informed and feel completely comfortable with our electronic cigarettes. If you have a question, simply ask and let us guide you with the correct answers so you can make informed choices.

The wealth of information about electronic cigarettes may also intimidate some new users or potential customers. Enjoying an electronic cigarette and becoming a user of Unique Cigs does not need to be complicated. Once you get a starter kit, read the information, and express what you really want from your e-cigarette experience, you will feel as comfortable as anyone else who is enjoying the vaping lifestyle.

Visit our forum and gather the information that pertains to your desires and let us help design a customized experience for you. With more flavors than you may realize and options for nicotine levels, you may be pleasantly surprised at just how much control, enjoyment, and satisfaction is just waiting for you to try. Take some time to explore our website, read through the forums, ask the questions you have on your mind, and let go of all you thought you knew about e-cigarettes in the past. Today’s electronic cigarettes, particularly Unique Cigs e-cigarettes, are a world of pleasure that has to be experienced to be appreciated. Read the information and order a starter kit today.

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Unique Cigs Really Gives The "Vaper" A Unique Experience

The electronic cigarette industry is really taking off nation-wide and one reason is because of the amount of options and choices users have over smoking traditional analog cigarettes. Unique Cigs is one electronic cigarette company who provides more choices and versatility of use than people new to e-cigarettes may have ever realized.

When you decide to give “vaping” a try, you may be very surprised just how much you can customize your personal experience. With Unique Cigs, you can choose a nicotine level that suits your lifestyle or helps you step down gradually from any nicotine usage. Naturally, you can choose an electronic cigarette cartridge with no nicotine. But, you can also choose to use e-liquid containing very low, low, medium, or high amounts of nicotine. The choice allows you the freedom to safely use nicotine without the countless harmful additives that are in analogs and it also allows you to step down your own nicotine use if your ultimate goal is to be nicotine free.

Aside from the versatility of controlling the amount of nicotine in the vapor you inhale, you can also customize your flavor experience. With analog cigarettes, you have regular or menthol as your only basic flavor options. With electronic cigarettes from Unique Cigs, you can actually enjoy your favorite flavors or you can order a variety and give new flavors a try. The flavors range from tasty fruits like strawberry, raspberry, kiwi, peach, cherry, blueberry, and others. You can also enjoy deep, rich flavors such as coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and amaretto. For those who want an electronic cigarette to simply taste like the flavor they have loved in analogue cigarettes, we’ve got that too. You can choose menthol, tobacco flavor, or even the deep flavor of a Cuban cigar. With so many options, you could try different combinations every time you order new cartridges.

Unique Cigs are never short on satisfaction and our electronic cigarettes are certainly not short on choices either. Being able to customize your experience and dabble in flavors you may have never thought of before is just one reason to give the “vaping” lifestyle a try. With easy to use starter kits and everything you love about smoking, along with the absence of everything you don’t, there is every reason in the world to order one today and become a “vaper” tomorrow.

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The Electronic Cigarette May Be Right For You

There are many benefits to enjoying the electronic cigarette lifestyle. Adopting the ‘vaping’ lifestyle, as it is referred to by those who enjoy electronic cigarettes, is a gateway to enjoyment and relaxation. People from all walks of life are taking up vaping for many reasons, from health, social reasons, or just as a new hobby to enjoy.

There are many health reasons for adopting the electronic cigarette over analogs. There are obviously no dangerous chemicals to worry about, as the vapor does not contain the countless amounts of chemicals shown to cause a wide range of health problems. There is no lingering smokers cough or build up of tar in the lungs. There is also no build up of stains on the fingers and teeth like you find with analog cigarettes. Aside from the obvious risks and health damage from analogs over the use an electronic cigarette, electronic cigarettes do not have the same aging affects as analogs. They are simply the obvious choice for safe enjoyment of nicotine and the sensation of having that refreshing cigarette.

There are also many social reasons for enjoying the vaping lifestyle. Unlike analog cigarettes, the electronic cigarette from Unique Cigs has no smoke, no ash, and no flame. They are safe to have around the house and in the car. You can get an adaptable car charger and actually enjoy the sensation of an electronic cigarette without the smell in your car or the risk of burning or flicking ashes on your interior. There is also no danger of second hand smoke like with analog cigarettes, meaning you can enjoy them around your family and friends.

As a hobby, vaping is fast becoming the best way to enjoy the feeling of a smoke between your fingers with actual tastes you love. You can choose from so many different flavors and mix it up with variety packs, so you can simply enjoy what flavor suits that day. You also have the unique ability to adjust the level of nicotine in your electronic cigarettes. You can still get the nicotine you crave or you can gradually decrease the level to become nicotine-free over a period of time. You can also enjoy it without any nicotine. This means you can sit back and use your electronic cigarette long after you are free of the dependence on analog cigarettes.

With choices of flavors and nicotine levels and the ability to enjoy your Unique Cigs electronic cigarette free from the health worries and social stigmas, it is easy to see why more people are turning to Unique Cigs to feel the ultimate in customized satisfaction.

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Unique Cigs Offer Sensation Worth Trying!

For those who absolutely love the sensation of a cigarette between their fingers and the warm inhalation and exhalation that leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed, the electronic cigarette from Unique Cigs may be worth a try. The electronic cigarette has come along way from its first prototype years ago. Today’s electronic cigarettes are almost indistinguishable from their analog cigarette counterparts, in look, feel and satisfaction.

With today’s electronic cigarettes, you get so much more than the feeling of smoking. You get the level of nicotine you want or need and you also get the warmth with each inhale just as you do with analog cigarettes. You also get that oral fixation that many people seem to crave long after they have stopped using analogs.

What is as important as what you get with an electronic cigarette is simply what you don’t get. When you use a Unique Cigs electronic cigarette, you are not getting any of the harmful chemicals you are trying to abstain from. Not only are you free from the smoke and chemicals, but your friends and family are free from them too. Imagine being able to enjoy the refreshing feeling of an electronic cigarette without the second hand exposure worry you have any time you light up an analog cigarette. You simply feel freer to enjoy an electronic cigarette in so many places compared to the ostracizing you get and feel when you light up an analog cigarette. With a pleasant scent or none at all, no real fire to worry about, and no guilt about what you are putting into the air, an electronic cigarette is the easy choice to make.

For those who love variety, specifically a flavor variety you simply can’t find anywhere else, you will love the choices Unique Cigs electronic cigarettes can give you. You can actually sit back and enjoy flavors ranging from fruity strawberry, banana, or deep flavors like coffee and so many more to satisfy any appetite. Just being able to pick the flavor you love and combine the amount of nicotine you may need or want surely sets electronic cigarettes apart from your standard analog cigarette.

There is simply no comparison when you want flavor, guilt-free enjoyment, control over the nicotine you take in, and the relaxing feeling of an old fashioned cigarette all rolled into one stylish device you can use anywhere anytime. Look into the options available at Unique Cigs to start enjoying the vaping lifestyle today.

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New exciting Products Make Electronic Cigarettes Easier Than Ever To Use

The wave of people turning to electronic cigarettes as a smoking alternative is growing more and more. New products with a wide array of accessories makes Unique Cigs the perfect place to get everything you need whether you are new to vaping or an experienced vaper.

Unique Cigs 901t Advanced Starter Kit has become a top seller for people starting out in the world of vaping. The 901t kit gives you the versatility of using your ecig as a 2 piece disposable device (similar to some gas station models), or as a 3 piece refillable device that allows you to choose from 28 different flavors, provides better vapor production, and is very economical.

The 901t kit also offers you a portable charging device known as a PCC (personal charging case). This PCC will charge your 901t battery while you are traveling, on the go, or at work all day. It will charge a 901t battery up to 8 times before having to recharge the PCC itself.

This awesome kit also comes in different colors giving you the opportunity to personalize your ecig. It is offered in Unique Cigs black with blue LED, Traditional White with red LED, or Hot & Stylish pink with blue LED. With 28 flavors available and five levels of nicotine, the 901t Advanced Starter Kit from Unique Cigs is perfect for the user who wants to mix it up and enjoy a realistic vaping experience inside & out!

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Unique Cigs Electronic Cigarettes is Growing in Popularity

When it comes to finding an alternative to analogs, the electronic cigarette is becoming a popular fit. People who are new to the world of electronic cigarettes and the ‘vapors’ who use them may not fully understand what the appeal may be. There are many reasons why electronic cigarettes are attracting such a mass following and are becoming the most acceptable way to enjoy a relaxing lifestyle.

The starter kits to begin enjoying electronic cigarettes are very easy to operate. Each system comes with everything you need to get started right away. Not only do you get the basic cartomizer and battery to get everything together and working, but you can customize your experience by selecting flavors for the liquid that turns to a refreshing and satisfying vapor. And, you also have the freedom to add nicotine to the experience. When it comes to using an electronic cigarette such as the easy to use ones from Unique Cigs, you simply inhale and get the sensation you love from analogs without all of the harmful or unwanted side effects you want to avoid. You also get the real of an analog cigarette between your fingers; which alone can be refreshing and satisfying for some.

There are many unique features to Unique Cigs that really set our electronic cigarettes apart. For one, Unique Cigs gives you flavor options you really want. You can choose from a wide variety of robust fruit flavors such as strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, apple, grape, and watermelon. You can also enjoy traditional analog cigarette flavors such as menthol. For those who want a rich and deep satisfaction, the alluring chocolate, coffee, and vanilla flavors may be the right choice. If you are a new vapor and have not had the opportunity to dabble in many of the flavors, ordering a variety of liquids may be your best bet.

Our sleek designs and affordable accessories mean you can enjoy the vapor lifestyle anywhere, anytime, and look good doing it. Our accessories make it easy to charge and store your electronic cigarette. You can enjoy them at home, in your vehicle, or on the go with a wide variety of adaptors and chargers to fit your lifestyle. If you haven’t tried one yet, now may be the perfect time to become a beginner vapor and see if the freedom, immense satisfaction, wide variety and choice of flavors, ease of use, and sophisticated look and feel may be right for you.

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Knowledge is Power in the World of E-Cigarettes

For those just now looking into the world of electronic cigarettes, the wealth of information can be a bit overwhelming. But, once you learn more and take the dive into the vapor lifestyle, you will wonder why it took you so long.

Electronic cigarettes come in all different styles and flavors. Researching the basic starter kits should be your first step. There are varying levels of experience when it comes to kits, but starter kits typically have all you need to begin the vapor lifestyle.

E- cigarettes are basically battery powered personal vaporizers that act much like an inhaler, only using battery powered heat. There is no actual combustion of flame as with a traditional analog; but the liquid is heated into a vapor that is inhaled and safely enjoyed by the user. The liquid comes in cartridges and is composed of water, glycerin and propylene glycol with flavors and/or nicotine added. The unique thing about electronic cigarettes is that you choose whether you want a cartridge with full levels of nicotine, no nicotine, or a variety of levels in between. This lets you fully manage and control the amount of nicotine you have in your system without the added cancer causing chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

Customization of your vapor experience is just one of many reasons the number of “vapors” is increasing across all demographic groups. You can choose from flavors ranging from your favorite drinks such as energy drinks and coffee, and even flavors of many fruits and spices, such as cinnamon, strawberry, vanilla, banana and many more. When you order a starter kit, choices are also available when it comes to look and feel. You may want an E-cigarette that feels and handles exactly like a traditional analog, or maybe one that is more discreet. You also can choose various battery life varieties along with USB cables, wall chargers, and other on-the-go accessories. Take into consideration how often or where exactly you plan to use your electronic cigarette before investing in a starter kit that has more or less than what you need. Variety packs of atomized cartomizers in many strengths and flavors further enables you to enjoy your electronic cigarette countless ways.

Getting the oral fixation you desire without the stigma of smoking has never been easier and more enjoyable. Unique Cigs can meet the needs of any level of experience in the vapor lifestyle, whether you are looking to start or just looking for more flavors and varieties to expand your enjoyment level.

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