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Haka Gemini BOGO & MORE!

The Haka Gemini Is Killing It!

Haka-3The Haka Gemini starter kit has been an excellent seller since we launched the kit in early summer, as it is not only a reliable device but affordable as well. The 1100 mAh USB pass through battery will often give a pack a day smoker a full day off of a single battery charge, and also the option to use the device while it's charging; eliminating the need to carry around multiple batteries a day. This particular feature gives added convenience for those who are near a computer a lot, or who travel and have access to a USB charging port.

The Gemini Clearomizer is a 2.1 ohm dual coil clearomizer giving you excellent flavor and vapor production and is extremely easy to fill, and change out the heating coils. This blister pack that includes both the battery and clearomizer, also includes a 4 foot micro USB charging cord as well as a free 18 ML bottle of e-liquid and retails for just $34.99.

Buy 1 Get 1 HALF OFF!

For the month of January we are going to have an upgradeable offer on this particular kit! Buy 1 Premium Haka Gemini Kit, get a standard Haka Gemini Kit for 50% off! The Premium Haka Gemini Kit includes:

  • [1] 1100 mAh USB pass through battery,haka-2
  • [1] Gemini clearomizer,
  • [1] 4 foot micro USB charging cord,
  • [1] 18ML bottle of e-liquid,
  • [1] large carrying case,
  • [1] standard home adapter,
  • [5] replacement heating coils
The premium kit is sold for $59.99, so when paired with an additional standard Haka Gemini kit, the entire purchase retails for just $77.49! Take advantage of this promotion to stock up on additional batteries, clearomizers, e-liquid, and coils or split the cost with a friend or family member as this promotion won't be around forever! The Haka batteries are available in 4 fun colors; Black, Grey, Coffee, or Chromatic so there is surely a color to meet everybody's preference.

Set Up & Use

To set up your device you will first need to turn the battery on. Click the button rapidly 5 times and the LED light behind the button will illuminate. Next to fill your clearomizer unthread the top metal band with the grooves and set aside. Shake your e-liquid very well as the nicotine and flavoring is concentrated, and gently squeeze the liquid inside the tank avoiding the center hole. Thread the top piece back on and let your e-liquid sit inside the tank for 5-10 minutes to ensure the wicks have fully soaked up the liquid. Thread your clearomizer back onto your battery and you will be good to vape!

As the battery life wears down, the LED light behind the button will change from White to Red. When the battery is completely depleted the LED light will flash Red 5 times. To charge your battery take your micro USB charging cord and plug it into the bottom of the battery, and then plug into a USB charging port or a wall adapter. Once the battery has been on charge for 10 minutes you can now take advantage of the pass through feature and vape on the device while it's charging! When the battery is fully charged the LED light will turn off.

As your heating coils are wearing out you will first notice a lack of flavor and vapor production, or you may taste a burnt/harsh taste. It is recommended to vape down as much of the e-liquid as possible to avoid losing any necessary product. To change out your heating coils unthread the clearomizer from your battery  and then unthread the bottom metal band with the textured grooves in it. You then can untwist the  metal post from the base and discard that piece, and thread a new one back on. You then reassemble and fill you clearomizer as usual. Heating coils will last an average of around of week but will greatly depend on the usage level.

If you have any questions or concerns when using this particular product please contact us! Our headquarters can be reached at 315-698-9600 9am - 5pm Monday-Friday or you may contact your favorite brick and mortar location.

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$10 OFF Innokin MVP V:2.0 to Welcome MVP V:3.0!

iTaste-MVP-starter-kit1The MVP Version 2 has been one of the most reliable variable voltage/variable wattage devices that we have carried to date. With a wide range of options for your settings, paired with the incredible battery life, it's no surprise why the MVP has been a customer favorite for over 2 years now. Much like any other PV in the industry, technology keeps improving and these devices are becoming even more advanced and reliable. In turn, we will be receiving our last shipment of the MVP version 2.0 during the month of December. However, do not fear MVP fans as Innokin has done it again with even more advancements to this device! Innokin has not released all of the specifications of the new MVP V 3.0 but they have announced some of the details.

First, there will be more than one style of the MVP V 3.0. The first will be more economical but will also have the capability of setting your device up to 30W. The other edition with feature a customized Evolv chip that will feature even higher wattage settings and well as other advances in technology. Next, the MVP 3.0 will have a larger charge capacity than the MVP 2.0 (2600 mAh). The position of the power button and the USB charging port will be moved, but only for added convenience. The MVP 3.0 will have a high quality OLED screen, and the potential for a spring loaded connector.

While there is a lot of excitement surrounding the new MVP 3.0, the MVP V 2.0 is still an excellent device to have on hand! Through the month of December we will be selling our full MVP V 2.0 kits for $10 off for $59.99 which will include a free 18ML bottle of e-liquid, while supplies last. Now is the time to pick up one of these devices before they're gone!

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We Offer the Best E-cigs on the Market

You may be hearing about e-cigs more and more lately. It seems there are many more options on the market today than there were just a few short years ago. One reason for the increase in e-cigs is the fact that more people are interested in alternative ways to get the nicotine they want and also ways to wean themselves from nicotine. Don’t be confused by the influx of brands on the market today. When it comes to the best e-cigs in Upstate NY, Unique Cigs is still the number one choice.

Unique Cigs listens to our customers and does all we can to address your concerns. One area of concern for many people looking for a nicotine alternative is flavor options. Many people simply want more of a choice than orange, mint or cigarette flavored gums and lozenges. People want real flavor and they want real satisfaction. One way to get the most flavor options possible is to turn to the best e-cigs on the market today—Unique Cigs. At Unique Cigs, we have taken the concerns and desires of our customers to heart and have expanded and improved the flavor options we have available. We produce authentic and satisfying made in the USA flavors that are sure to please every palette. Ranging from fun and fruity to intense and deep rich flavors, the choices truly make Unique Cigs the best e-cigs in town.

The ease of use and very real sense of satisfaction all combine to give Unique Cigs customers the best e-cigs experience possible. We take our dedication to your nicotine alternative search very seriously. We do and always will strive to stay on top and give our customers everything they could possibly want in the best e-cigs on the market.

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Take Control of Your Nicotine Habit by Trying an E-Cig

You may have seen countless ways to help you or a loved one deal with nicotine dependence. You may have even tried a number of them, ranging from gums, patches, lozenges or prescription medications. You may have even tried to monitor you usage and cut back or maintain a lower level just by switching cigarettes also. If you have tried all of these and still struggle to feel in complete control and still have a sense of satisfaction, you may be ready to try an e-cig from Unique Cigs.

At Unique Cigs, we offer a wide variety of options for the nicotine user because we know that choice matters. When you have the ability to control what you do and how you do it, you feel a deeper sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. Our choice options allow you to maintain the nicotine level you are at or slowly reduce what use on a daily basis. You can gradually work your way down to being nicotine free with our e-cig options or you can simply enjoy the nicotine you want without the noted harmful side effects that come with traditional cigarettes.

Aside from taking control of your nicotine levels, an e-cig from Unique Cigs means you can actually still get the satisfaction you love and may not be ready to give up. Our flavor choices will simply amaze you and make your entire e-cig experience all the more personalized and full. At Unique Cigs, it’s the choice and ability to have a say in what you want and how you want it that truly sets us apart. Make your e-cig experience exactly what you want it to be by choosing your e-cig from Unique Cigs.

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An E-Cig Gift May be the Best Idea

How many times do you sit around thinking about gifts you have to buy and sit there feeling stumped? It’s a feeling we all have at one time or another. However, anyone battling a nicotine addiction may need help and may not know what to get to help themselves through it. Or maybe a family member has been using a nicotine alternative therapy and they want something more effective, more enjoyable. Maybe the e-cig gift to someone who needs it most is the best gift of all.

The e-cig gift can help someone who has struggled for years or maybe they just have been experimenting with alternatives for far too long. It can be difficult to transition from one nicotine alternative to another, only to feel unfulfilled or disappointed in the results. There is also the struggle to find true fulfillment when it comes to taste and flavor choice. Being able to sit back, relax and take in the cool and refreshing flavors you love is just one way Unique Cigs can make an idea e-cig gift for anyone.

Patches, gums or medication may all help in the long run, or be a workable choice for some, however for others, they never fit quite right. With the e-cig gift, Unique Cigs gives you the sensation that you love about cigarettes. You get to inhale and bask in the warmth of the flavors you love. You get that feeling of a Unique Cigs electronic cigarette between your fingers and lips. You get the nicotine you want, the way you want it, on your own terms.

The e-cig gift can not only help you deal with your nicotine addiction or the nicotine addiction of a family member, but also a way to keep enjoying what you love without the rules, limitations or scorn you or a loved one feels from others when you have a traditional cigarette. Learn more about Unique Cigs and an e-cig gift for someone who needs it today!

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E-cigs are the Nicotine Alternative You Can Take Anywhere

It can be a difficult journey if you truly enjoy the nicotine you get from cigarettes but you long to leave the negative side effects of smoking behind. Maybe you still want the same nicotine level but you do not want the smoke smell or the cost of buying cigarettes each day? You may also want the nicotine but still want to enjoy yourself everywhere and not regulated to hiding out behind alleyways or dark corners to get the satisfaction you crave. If you still want nicotine but you also want a better, more acceptable and more flavorful way of getting it, maybe it is time to give Unique Cigs e-cigs a try as your number one nicotine alternative choice.

Unique Cigs e-cigs are very portable. You can easily carry everything you need to enjoy your electronic cigarette in a case as small as a wallet. You can light up the e-cigarette without those scornful looks and you can use your electronic cigarette in so many more settings than you can use a cigarette. With on-the-go chargers, you never need to be without it. You can use it at the home, office and your car without people doing a double take. Think about how great it would feel to have a nicotine alternative that leaves you still smelling fresh, without stains on teeth or fingers and without that lingering smoke coming from the window of your office or you car.

Aside for portability, the long list of flavors you can enjoy while using e-cigs as a nicotine alternative is simply unmatched. Gums may taste great for a few minutes, but good luck finding more than one flavor you actually like. With Unique Cigs e-cigarettes, you can enjoy fruity and light flavors, deep and rich chocolate or coffee flavors and many in between.  Imagine exploring different flavor vapors while you are sitting back enjoying your e-cigarette. The choices alone make e-cigs the fun and exciting nicotine alternative for anyone wanting change.

If you have dabbled with gums and patches and you know for sure the old fashioned way of getting the nicotine fix you want just isn’t working for you anymore, now may be the time to jump into the vaping lifestyle and see what real choice, real convenience, real ease of use and a real satisfying nicotine alternative can be like.

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For Satisfaction On The Go, Give E-Cigs A Try

If you have never tried ecigs, you may have the impression that they are complicated to use and require a lot more work to use than they actually do. The one thing new users of ecigs will tell you is that the ease of use is just one thing that surprises them the most. Ecigs are a convenient and simple way to get all of the satisfaction, flavor and nicotine you love and crave.

When you invest in ecigs starter kits from Unique Cigs, you are investing in a system that is remarkably easy to set up and get started with. You can order everything you need to enjoy the vaping lifestyle on the go, without hassle or any kind of inconvenience. You can easily charge your ecigs and have them at your disposal in the car, the office or when you are just out and about with friends on the town. We have a full line of affordable accessories so you can enjoy ecigs literally anywhere you choose. One added bonus to getting the satisfaction you crave from ecigs over an alternative like cigarettes is that you can easily take them and use them without the hassle or scorn you may have had to contend with when you relied on traditional cigarettes for that same sense of satisfaction.

When you try ecigs from Unique Cigs over other alternatives for your nicotine and flavor satisfaction, you are also investing in the ability to customize your experience beyond anything a cigarette or even some other ecigs companies may be able to give you. From cool and stylish colors to fit your personality and a choice of carrying cases, you can take everything you need with you anywhere and still look as good as always.

For the flavors to satisfy any pallet, stylish colors to take your ecigs and accessories anywhere and for an experience like no other, order a starter kit from Unique Cigs today so you can relax and see what you have been missing out on.

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Unique Cigs Offers Satisfaction Like Nothing Else

If you have been on the hunt for never ending satisfaction with ease of use and freedom from scorn, look no further than the e-cigarettes from Unique Cigs. Everything you need to get started is conveniently part of our easy to use and stylish starter kits. In your home, your car, on the go or in the office, you can truly have the feeling of complete satisfaction when you give e-cigarettes a try.

People may be hesitant to make the switch to e-cigarettes for one reason or another. For most people, it is just a lack of understanding of what you really get from an e-cigarette. That lack of knowledge leads many people to just stick with the status quo and never ever try anything new. Once you realize what e-cigarettes are truly all about, you will probably only wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner. With e-cigarettes, you get every bit of satisfaction you may be used with cigarettes. You get that comfortable and familiar feeling of something between your fingers. You get the sensation of inhaling the warmth and a familiar taste in your mouth. With e-cigarettes, the warm vapor meets your need ands as you exhale, you feel that sweet release of tension and stress just leaving your body, just as you may have always felt with cigarettes. However, e-cigarettes take the taste option a hundred steps further than any cigarette ever could. With flavors ranging from sweet and delicious fruits to deep and rich flavors like chocolate and coffee, there is a liquid for everyone.

When you feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, e-cigarettes can give you that sense of calm, now without having to hide or slink behind an alley way to light up! Without the flame, the stigma or the smell, you can actually enjoy an e-cigarette with ease and without the scorn you may feel now when you try to light up.

If you want to get that feeling of satisfaction at more locations and with more flavor options than ever before, it may be time to make the switch to e-cigarettes and see just what everyone else is getting out it.

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E-cigs Liquid You Will Love

We hear time and time again that one of the reasons people love our e-cigs over traditional cigarettes is the versatility of our e-cigs liquid flavors and nicotine levels. When you invest in Unique Cigs electronic cigarettes and the wide selection of vapor choices, you are investing in just that—choice.

We are currently in the midst of re-vamping our line of e-cig liquid which means we are able to offer you all of your favorite flavors at clearance prices. With flavors you absolutely love at clearance prices, now is the time to jump into the vaping lifestyle. Even if there are still flavors available that you have never thought to try before, now is the time when you can afford to experiment. Try something you never have before or stock up on your favorites while they are still available for the taking.

We are currently in the process of bringing fans and users our own signature line of e-cigs liquid to bring our customers all they have ever wanted at prices they can afford. Vaping is truly a lifestyle and at Unique Cigs, we always strive to bring you the choices we know you love and turn to us again and again for. We know our loyal customers are loyal for a reason and we also know there are those out there who are actively looking for a way to enjoy the vaping lifestyle and leave cigarettes behind. Our new signature line will meet the needs of experienced vapors and those who are looking for something new and something different.

The truly great thing about turning to Unique Cigs for all of your e-cig liquid needs is that you get those sensations you love with cigarettes and you get to leave behind everything you don’t love about cigarettes. You get more flavor options from both our clearance items and from our new line of vapor and you get that warm inhale and exhale satisfying feeling all without the smoke, flame, toxins or scorn you get when you light up a traditional cigarette.

Once you try what Unique Cigs has to offer up now and in the future, you just may never turn to another for that satisfaction you crave. With flavors that entice and nicotine levels that you want, including none at all, you can’t go wrong when you turn to e-cigs liquid and other accessories from Unique Cigs.

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Petition May Help E-Cig Users a Right to Enjoy Nicotine Alternative!

The Federal Drug Administration is currently in the midst of planned reregulation and possible banning of the use and sale of electronic cigarettes. This consumer friendly alternative to cigarette smoking is enjoyed by countless customers of Unique Cigs and other electronic cigarette manufacturers. The vaping lifestyle has given many of these individual the means to escape the addiction and health hazards that have plagued traditional smokers for decades. If the FDA succeeds, many of those who utilize electronic cigarettes may find themselves in a position where they feel they have no choice but to return to buying and using traditional cigarettes.

This proposed ban or implementation of regulations only helps the cigarette industry hold consumers hostage to their product. The act of taking away access to a healthier and more acceptable alternative serves no positive purpose, in the eyes of e-cigarette users and those who encourage them to enjoy a more environmentally friendly alternative to cigarettes.

Thousands, if not millions, of consumers already know why electronic cigarettes are a much more preferable alternative to regular cigarettes. You are able to inhale flavored vapor that does not have the hundreds of cancer causing chemicals contained in cigarettes. There is no smelly or illness-inducing smoke. There is no heat producing flame or tip that can cause fire. There is no lung clogging tar or staining of teeth and fingers. There are no proven health hazards to those around you if you are using an electronic cigarette, as opposed to the risks of second hand smoke from cigarettes. There are simply flavors you love, nicotine levels you want, and safe accessories for usage and charging.

Below is a petition many users and loved ones of uses of electronic cigarettes are signing to help stop the proposals of the FDA. Thousands have already signed to help keep electronic cigarettes accessible and usable by the public who crave a safe, affordable, and enjoyable alternative to cigarettes. Click the link below and add your name to the list if you feel electronic cigarettes should remain accessible as an alternative to regular cigarettes.


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