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Introducing the MVP 3.0 & iStick 50W!

Unique eCigs is happy to announce that two new, and highly sought after devices have made their way to our shelves: the MVP 3.0 & the iStick 50W! Higher wattage devices are certainly becoming an ongoing trend in the vaping community and these two box mods deliver exactly what you are looking for!

iTaste MVP 3.0 Features

itaste mvp 3.0The iTaste MVP 3.0 features a 30 watt chip inside which now let’s your device be set from 3.0V-9 Volts or 6.0W-30 Watts giving you wide parameters to which you can set your device. It features a 3800 mAh internal battery and still gives you the option to charge other devices off of your MVP, just like its predecessors. The MVP is still a pass through device allowing you to vape on your device while it’s charging. It has a flush 510 connection pin allowing most types of atomizers to thread onto the device but the kit also includes an eGo adapter. The MVP 3.0 can fire atomizers with resistances as low as 0.4, catering to those who enjoy rebuilding their atomizers. The MVP 3.0 is available in 4 colors; Black, Silver, Blue, or Pink and is sold for $74.99.

iStick 50W Features

iStick 50WThe new iStick 50W will allow you to set your device from 2.0V-10 Volts or 5W-50 Watts giving you even wider parameters to which you can set your device. It features a 4400 mAh internal battery, giving you incredible battery life as well as the option to use the device as a pass through. The iStick also has a spring loaded connector making the device suitable for different types of atomizers. This device can power atomizers with resistances as low as 0.2 ohms, perfect for those who are cloud chasers! The iStick 50W features a temperature alarm function where if the temperature of the device is over 70 degrees Celsius, the output will shut off automatically; ensuring that you are vaping safely! The iStick 50W is available in 4 colors; Black, Silver, Blue, or Red and retails for $59.99.

Both kits will include a free bottle of our signature e-liquid as well! If you have questions about either of these kits be sure to contact our customer service department at 315-698-9600.

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March Madness Forming Unique eCigs Discounts!

March Madness isn’t just for college basketball fans anymore! Throughout the month of March, Unique eCigs will be extending our Innokin sale that we had in February AND will be adding more products that will be offered at MASSIVE DISCOUNTS! Some of these items are listed with clearance pricing so once they’re gone, they’re gone! Be sure to stock up on these products as they won’t be on our shelves forever. The following items will be on sale for the month of March both online and at our 10 retail locations:

  • iTaste VV/VW Express Kit (3.0)

    [caption id="attachment_31033" align="alignright" width="487"]iTasteMVP-20watt iTaste MVP 20watt[/caption]

    – On sale for $29.99 (While supplies last)
  • SVD II

    – On sale for $79.99


  • MVP 20W1-140423160H20-L

    – On sale for $41.99 (regularly $56.99)
  • iTaste DRV

    – On sale for $69.99 (regularly $84.99)

On top of all of these promotions we still have select Innokin kits on clearance pricing for 50% off! This includes the Cool Fire 1, Cool Fire 2, 134, 134 Mini, and the VTR while supplies last! Every kit sold will include a FREE 18ML bottle of our signature e-liqud! Call our customer service department or your favorite Unique eCigs brick and mortar location to check the availability of these products.

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