901t Atomizers Introduction

If you have been a previous customer using our regular 901 atomizer with the cotton filled cartridges you have probably found that you are able to get 2-3 months (or longer) out of your atomizers. If you have switched to the 901t atomizer with the tanks from the regular 901 atomizer then you have also probably noticed they don't last as long. If you are a NEW customer who started with a 901t kit then please ignore the previous paragraph and keep reading... (LOL)--- You have a GREAT product!!! So... After speaking with many customers and much of Unique Cigs own staff most all of us agree that the easier tank technology and better vapor truly does out way the shorter life of the 901t atomizers. However, I am constantly working with my supplier to improve the life of the 901ts. Please understand the technical part of them... We are offering the 901t as a LR (low resistance) atomizer. This means it has a lower "ohm" rating which heats the coil more producing quicker, thicker, better quality vapor. The regular 901 atomizers have always been sold at a 2.5ohm and have done well. Still, many customers have told me that they would enjoy better quality vapor and more throat hit if it were possible. We have made that possible with the LR - 901t atomizer. We started with a 2.0ohm but discovered that this ohm was really too low and sometimes even produced a burnt taste. We are now at a 2.2ohm atomizer (which is still considered low resistance) and the vapor and flavor seem to be perfect! We are also working on improving the heating coil inside the atomizer so that it can withstand the more heat and last longer. So as it stands... We have found that the average life of the 901t seems to be about one month. We have customers who have gotten up to two months or longer but average is about one month or slightly more. Very heavy vapers will get maybe 2-3 weeks. We have already started getting better reports of longer life of the 901t atomizer since we went to the 2.2ohm and have already started using a better coil. Unique Cigs has been (and always will be) dedicated to offering the BEST quality products coupled with the BEST customer service. We will still carry regular 901 atomizers and cartridges for those who originally fell in love and doesn't like change but we are going to move forward with the 901t and this new technology as it really is a better vaping experience. To make these changes better for all our customers we are lowering our prices on all 901/901t/kGo/510 atomizers. Effective immediately at all locations (including online) we will be selling these atomizers at $10 each or 3 for $24! (This is $8 per atomizer). Effective 12/15/11 we will offer a 14 day warranty on all atomizers. If you purchase the 3 for $24 offer please test all 3 atomizers before waiting for each one to wear out. Typically if there might be a defect it will be during the initial use of an atomizer. Btw... this still includes FREE shipping on ALL orders in the U.S.A. Also, please remember to maintain your 901t atomizers by periodically blowing them out onto a paper towel and keep the rubber caps replaced as needed. If you ever hear a gurgling noise stop using your ecig immediately and blow out the atomizer. This may also mean it is time to replace the rubber cap! Thanks so much to all the 1000s of customers who have made Unique Cigs their favorite ecig! Please let us know if you have any suggestions or thoughts on how we may provide even better service or make your vaping experience better in any way! David Holmes Owner/Operator david@uniquecigs.com www.uniquecigs.com

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