With New Locations Opening, Unique Cigs Expands Knowledge of Our Product

For those looking to try an electronic cigarette as a way to finally beat or cut down on their traditional smoking habit, the options keep getting better and better. Unique Cigs is expanding the way we reach those who want to learn more about our products. Our online capabilities, phone ordering options, and in person sales at various New York mall locations, reaching those who want to know more about electronic cigarettes or those who need supplies, is getting easier for our customers to utilize.

Our expansion of physical locations and availability to personally show you what your options are is fast becoming the ideal way for folks to learn more about Unique Cigs. At our actual brick and mortar locations, customers can rely on the person to person interaction and information to answer any questions. This is especially helpful for our new customers. While everyone knows the advancements of e-commerce and how easy it is to take care of all your needs online, there really is no replacement for person to person contact. Having an informed sales associate right in front of you to answer questions, demonstrate the product, or introduce you to new options really adds more to the overall buying experience.

Aside from the benefits of real life interactions between our customers and associates, one added benefit of expanding or drawing more people into our actual physical locations is the ability to actually lay out our products. While looking at devices online and reading a description is a valuable way to become informed about Unique Cigs, actually seeing the product and seeing new products in person makes much more of an impact. With more room to showcase what we have and what is new with Unique Cigs, our brick and mortar traditional locations are becoming hot spots for those who want to know more and for those who rely on us during their journey of giving up cigarettes.

You can come in yourself and see what flavors are available and what will suit your taste and your needs. You can actually get a feel for what our electronic cigarettes are like compared to the traditional cigarettes that may already be affecting your health. Our personalized service, our superior product, and our accessibility at various New York mall locations make us the place to go, online or in person, to enjoy what electronic cigarettes have to offer.

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