With More Knowledge, We Are Making Better Choices

Today we simply know so much more about smoking than we did a generation ago. When we have more information about anything, we as a society are able to makes better choices. We even know more than we did 20 years ago when it comes to smoking. Even after warning labels were required, there were still so many facts and truths about smoking that were not yet proven or widely talked about.

For example, today, everyone knows that second hand smoke is extremely harmful. There was a time when smokers fully believed that if they smoked traditional cigarettes, they were only harming themselves. We now know the components of second hand smoke are made up of the very same caustic and harmful chemicals that are found in cigarettes. In closed areas or cars, these toxins linger and actually can lead to harmful effects for the person who may have never smoked a real cigarette in their lives. We know now for a fact that the very smoke smokers exhale can cause many of the health issues that the act of smoking can lead to. With children and pregnant women, the dangers of second hand smoke are compounded. Children in homes with smokers develop more chronic respiratory illnesses, allergies, and asthma at rates much higher than those who are not exposed to cigarette smoke.

While many people are not able or ready to fully give up the sensation, nicotine dependence, or oral fixation that keeps many smokers coming back for more; there are alternatives for those ready to leave hazards of analog traditional cigarettes behind. E-cigarettes, particularly the newest models from Unique Cigs, give people all of the satisfaction without the long list of harmful side effects for the smoker or for those who live with and around the smoker. E-cigarettes allow users to adjust nicotine levels, flavors, and design styles, to suit their individual needs and give them the level of satisfaction they crave. With an e-cigarette, there are no known increases in health issues for those who around the e-cig. E-cigs use a vapor that contains flavorings or/nicotine and there is no actual flame. With no flame, there is no actual smoke. Without smoke, there are no harmful chemicals to subject others too. For an alternative that you can feel better about for yourself and your family, try Unique Cigs and see if an e-cigarette is right for you.

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