Flavor Options Set Unique Cigs Apart

Unique Cigs electronic cigarettes simply go beyond satisfying. When you have a cigarette, it is the satisfaction and pleasure you experience that typically keeps you coming back for more, along with the nicotine you may be craving. Electronic cigarettes give you all that you find with cigarettes and they go much further. The flavor options and ability to adjust the level of nicotine are the benefits that set Unique Cigs apart.

You can adjust the level of nicotine in the vapor you order so you can use electronic cigarettes and maintain the level of nicotine you want or you can reduce the levels as a way of weaning yourself off of nicotine and cigarettes altogether.

Aside from the option of customizing your nicotine level, the flavor options of e-liquid available from Unique Cigs go beyond anything you may have experienced before. With regular cigarettes, you can typically choose between menthol and full flavor. With Unique Cigs electronic cigarettes, you can choose actual flavors you love and you can experiment with many different flavors you may have never associated with smoking or vaping. Imagine the satisfaction of getting the nicotine you crave with the rich and pleasurable taste of chocolate, amaretto, coffee, or black tea. You can also try other rich and satisfying flavors like vanilla, cinnamon, or the thick full-bodied flavor of a genuine Cuban cigar. For those who want to try flavors that are more fun and fruity, Unique Cigs has you covered. You can order water vapor in berry flavors you love such as, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, and blueberry. There are also traditional fruit flavors like banana, grape, apple, and cherry. Kiwi and watermelon flavors are also available. With Unique Cigs, you can order variety packs of vapor flavor options. Plus, you can always dabble in different flavors to find the one that really meets your pleasure needs.

With endless possibilities and variety that you will never experience with regular cigarettes, there really is no reason to wait another day to order your starter kit and flavored vapor from Unique Cigs today.

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