August 2015 Features: 2 New Sub Ohm Tanks!

Two of the newest sub ohm tanks we’ve added to our product line includes Aspire’s Triton, and ELEAF’s iJust 2. Both of these tank systems are a sub ohm tanks giving you excellent flavor and incredible vapor product. Each tank offers its own unique advantages which we will discuss in further detail!

The Triton is a Stainless Steel and Pyrex tank that come standards with a 0.4 ohm coil head inside. This tank will hold up to 3.5 ML of e-liquid and fills from the top making this an extremely convenient tank to use every day. In the kit you do receive an additional replacement coil that is built to 1.8 ohms which is perfect for someone who prefers to set their wattage or voltage higher or simply want to experiment and experience a different type of drag. The adjustable airflow control on the Triton allows you to truly cater to the amount of heat you look for with your vape. The drip tip that comes with the kit also features airflow control allowing for an extremely cool vape if desired. The combination of the two airflow options truly makes this tank system one of a kind. The Triton tank retails for $39.99.

On top of the airflow options, the Triton gives you the ability to purchase a separate RTA kit which then enables you to rebuild the coil heads for the Triton giving you endless possibilities with how much flavor and vapor production you desire!  The Triton RTA kit can easily be switched out and be used, or switch back to the standard deck as often as you want! The optional RTA kit is sold for just $9.99.

The second sub ohm tank to hit our shelves is the iJust 2. The iJust 2 atomizer was sold with the iJust 2 kit that included a battery and cord, but the atomizer went over so well and was in such high demand that we purchased extras to be sold individually! The iJust 2 atomizer is a Stainless Steel and Pyrex tank that will hold up to a massive 5.5 ML of e-liquid. The coil head pre-installed is 0.3 ohms giving you massive vapor production and flavor. The intricate design on the base of the atomizer allows for better heat dissipation for a cooler and more enjoyable vape. The iJust 2 also features an adjustable airflow ring on the base allowing you to really dial in on your preferred airflow settings. The iJust 2 atomizer retails for just $19.99.

For more information about these two sub ohm tanks or any products that we carry, be sure to contact our customer service department directly at (315) 698-9600 and our staff will be more than happy to help!


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