Unique eCigs is always so excited to launch and carry new....

Unique eCigs is always so excited to launch and carry new and innovative products that are being developed in the industry! In the past month or so we’ve added three new types of devices that are sure to meet any vapers interests and standards. The newest products available are coming from 3 different manufacturers who have made quite the name in the industry such as Innokin, ELEAF, and Laisimo.

Coming directly from Innokin, the Disrupter InnoCell kit is the first of its kind. This device uses replaceable LiPo battery technology so when you battery dies you have the option to charge it up via USB or switch it out for another battery cell; Similar to replacing a battery pack on power tools. The device’s board or Disrupter portion is available in 3 different colors; Black, Silver, or Gold and features a smart integrated PCB board which provides you with the essential safety features all vapers seek after. Features include overcharge protection, overheat protection, short circuit protection, and much more!

The device allows you to set your Wattage up to 50 Watts or Voltage up to 7.5 Volts giving you excellent parameters you can set your device to. The device will fire atomizers with resistances as low as 0.2 ohms allowing virtually any type of tank to thread directly on and the device will fire it!

The InnoCell or battery portion of the device is a 2000 mAh battery capacity and reaches a max continuous output of 20 Amps. The InnoCell is available in 7 different colors; Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, or Mint. This fully customizable kit between all of the different color options makes it one of a kind! The full Disrupter InnoCell kit is sold for $59.99.

The next device we’ve added to our shelves is the iStick TC40W manufactured by ELEAF. This device is constructed for Stainless Steel and has a 2600 mAh internal battery giving you great battery life to use daily despite its small size. The iStick TC40W can be set up to 40 watts giving you excellent power and a hard hitting device. What makes this iStick so different from its predecessors is that ELEAF has adopted temperature control technology providing you with a unique vaping experience. When using the device in temperature control mode the device can be set up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The device will fire atomizers with resistances as low as 0.15 ohms when used in VW mode, and 0.05 ohms when used in TC-Ni mode. The clear OLED display screen will also read the resistance to the second decimal point ensuring you receive the most accurate reading; perfect when building and using low resistance nickel coil builds! In order to use the temperature control feature you MUST use Nickel coils and NOT Kanthal Coils!!!!!! Using Nickel Wire in regular VW mode can be catastrophic as the resistance of Nickel Wire is much lower than Kanthal. Doing so could result in battery failure, your device acting inconsistently, or melting of your wire. Be sure to know what atomizers you are using have nickel coil builds and Kanthal builds before firing off your device. The iStick TC40W is available in 4 different colors; Black, Silver, Blue, or Dark Grey and retails for $39.99.

The last product that we’ve added to our product lineup is the SnowWolf 200W. This device too features temperature control technology or can be used in VW mode to reach a max output of 200W. This device is a dual 18650 battery device giving you excellent battery life to use throughout the day which in turn will allow the device to fire atomizers with resistances as low as 0.05 ohms. When using regular Kanthal wire the device can be set between 5W up to 200 Watts of vaping power. When using Nickel coils and temperature control mode, the device can be adjusted from 212-662 degrees Fahrenheit. Some of the unique features of the SnowWolf aside from the vaping power it can provide include the glass and alloy screens, a magnetic back door, and automatic coil detection. Automatic coil detection means the device can recognize if your build is using Nickel or Kanthal wire and will automatically switch it to the correct setting that you need! This beast of a device is every vaping enthusiasts dream as is combines power and simplicity! The SnowWolf 200W retails for $119.99.

For more information about these products or newer products coming in be sure to contact your favorite Unique eCigs brick and mortar location for more information!

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