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We love writing these monthly blog posts and sharing them on our website as well as our Facebook page. We have some of the most interactive and fun social media fans in the industry! Our contest posts are always a blast as we hear from new and experienced vapers, and the enthusiasm is out of this world! Did you know that we are on other social media platforms too? Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more behind the scene pictures, our Twitter page for news about us and the e-cig industry, and check out our Google Plus page! The more you follow us the more you’ll know about us and what we have planned for the future. Some of our social media platforms can also keep you in the loop with promotions, events, and discounts that are available!

Aside from the inside scoop we have BIG PLANS for the month of October, specifically on our Instagram page. If you don’t follow us already make sure you do! We’re having a blast utilizing that app as our current followers are extremely active and social there too. We don’t want to give anything away but we know everybody enjoys something that’s free! (Hint, hint, wink, wink) We hope to see you there!

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