In response to comply with the FDA’s new tobacco product regulations, credit card companies as well as online merchant service providers are changing their policies and terms of service directly effecting online stores in the vaping industry. Online retailers who sell now deemed tobacco products including all vaping related products and supplies must now adhere to TWO new stringent changes.

First, to remain compliant with these new policies the legal age to purchase ANY products from our website is now 21 or older. Even if the legal smoking and or vaping age in your county or state is 18 or 19 years old, you are now prohibited from purchasing products from our website. To further increase the effectiveness of this change, the new terms of service require ALL packages to include Adult Signature Confirmation. Adult Signature Confirmation will require USPS to check your I.D with every package that is attempted to be delivered, requiring you to be home when your mail carrier arrives. We understand that if you work when your mail is typically delivered this will create an incredible inconvenience as you won’t be able to sign and provide identification for your package and for that we deeply apologize.

Unique eCigs, Inc has been happy to have offered fast and free shipping anywhere in the USA for the past 6 and a half years. Given the new terms of service, we regret to inform you that shipping charges will now incur, effective Friday January 13th, 2017. Going forward, ALL packages will be shipped with USPS Priority Mail and Adult Signature Confirmation, with no exceptions being made. There is a $5.90 fee that USPS charges for the Adult Signature Confirmation service. In addition, USPS only allows Adult Signature Confirmation to be used in conjunction with Priority Mail which raises the costs of shipping to $6.50 per package. Online shipping charges will be broken into 3 different tiers and are listed below.

  1. For any order $29.99 or below, Unique eCigs, Inc will split the shipping cost which will total $3.25 and Adult Signature Confirmation will be charged at $5.90 totaling $9.15 per package.
  2. For any order $30.00 or more, Unique eCigs, Inc will cover the cost of shipping but Adult Signature Confirmation will be charged at $5.90 per package.
  3. For any order, over $75.00 Unique eCigs, Inc will cover and pay the cost for both shipping and Adult Signature Confirmation.

**Please note these rates are subject to change if postage changes from USPS incur**

We truly apologize for the inconveniences that our online customers must now endure. As always, we will continue doing our part to remain compliant, however we understand that these regulations are truly unfair to our customers, our business, and the entire vaping industry. Please be aware that in store transactions, will NOT be effected by these policies. For questions or concerns regarding these new policies, please contact our customer service department directly at (315) 698-9600.

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  • rarigo says...

    I agree. Look at the laws created for medical marijuana in New York state. As most regulations in the USA, they are meant to provide the government and rich corporate America more of the working class’s hard earned money. Just wait until the republican party pushes through their healthcare “reform” bill that will give all the power and money (via increased premiums, deductibles, and co-pays) to big health insurance companies. If you thought “Obama Care” was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!!

    May 05, 2017

  • Elizabeth says...

    I am fairly new to vaping. I began after discovering that I now have emphasima from 25 years of heavy tobacco use. My local store, Malone, NY, has been absolutely amazing in helping me learn the how to Vale, from priming coils to choosing the right nicotine content for my fluid, despite the hinderance the FDA has imposed on my struggle to quit ciggarretts. Unfortunately I am now moving to a town without a Vape shop and will be forced to order my supplies online. I often struggle with financial problems and this new “shipping fee” policy makes vaping less accessible than ciggarretts. I’m very concerned and wonder why our government would prefer to pay my Medicaid bills for the damage from ciggarretts rather than help me quit through the only means that I have found successful. While I would certainly discourage my children from vaping, for some of us grown ups who have struggled with actual tobacco for decades, vaping is our only hope. The FDA should be ashamed of themselves. Their war on vaping is the worst campaign since Prohibition.

    March 12, 2017

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