Haka 1100 USB PT Battery

Haka Technology

$ 19.99

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The 1100 mah USB pass through Haka battery will deliver exceptional battery life that can be paired with most 510 threaded tank systems. An average pack a day smoker will often get a full day, up to a day and a half on a single battery charge. This battery will give you the ability to vape on your device while it’s charging, eliminating the need to carry around multiple batteries a day! A 2 color LED light behind the button will also give you indications of how much battery life you have remaining on a single charge. With a 5 click on, 5 click off safety feature this battery can safely be carried with you in a purse or carrying case and is excellent to have on hand. 

Please note: This purchase does NOT include a USB charging cord. The charging cord can be found here and the wall adapter can be found here.