Clapton Wire Coils


$ 5.99

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Clapton Wire Coils, manufactured by Wotofo, are pre-built coils that eliminate the time consuming hassle of building your own coil configurations.

These provide the convenience of pre-built coils that simply need to be set, adjusted, and wicked. The Clapton Wire Coils measure with a 0.32 mm diameter and the resistance ranges around 0.55 ohm. Each package comes in a re-sealable tube that holds 5 pre-built coils, allowing for easy transportation and adequate protection when storing in your carrying kits. These Clapton Wire coils are an easy and simple answer to using advanced style coil configurations in your RDA’s and RTA’s.

Clapton Wire Coils are suggested for advanced vapers ONLY! Unique Cigs, Inc will not be responsible for any damage done to your specific device when using these coils.