Haka Gemini 3 Kit

Haka Technology

$ 34.99

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The Haka battery is an 1100 mAh USB pass through giving you the ability to vape on your device while it’s charging. The large battery capacity will enable a pack a day smoker to get up to a day and a half off of a single battery charge. The Gemini 3 clearomizer that is included with this kit is a single coil clearomizer that is constructed of Pyrex glass but features a protective metal casing around it, reducing the risk of cracking your tank. The windows around the tank allows you to see how much e-liquid is remaining inside. The Gemini 3 comes with a mouthpiece but also has a magnetic cap that sits on top of the mouthpiece keeping it clean and free of pocket lint or debris. These are a lower resistance clearomizer (1.6 ohm), which when paired with the adjustable airflow ring, provides you with more heat and vapor production.

Click here for Gemini 3 Coils!

The Haka Gemini 3 kit is available in Silver, only.

The Haka Gemini 3 Kit Includes:

  • One 1100 mAh USB Pass through Haka Battery (Silver only)
  • One 4 foot Micro USB Charging Cord
  • One Gemini 3 Clearomizer
  • One 18ML bottle of our Signature Series e-liquid! OR upgrade any kit purchase to any of our larger sized bottles!


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