Quad Battery Safety Case

Unique eCigs

$ 1.00

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This clear waterproof battery case is PERFECT for anyone who uses a device that utilizes separate external rechargeable batteries.

This case will hold 4 batteries of any of the following sizes; 18350, 18490, or 18650. ((The plastic latches on the sides ensure your batteries will be securely kept into place.)) This is a great product to have to prevent your batteries from making a connection with other items in your pocket or purse, such as loose change which would result in your batteries shorting out!

Battery Safety Warning: Please use extra caution when charging and using any rechargeable battery. Batteries can fail without warning. Do not overcharge or over-discharge batteries as battery failure may occur. Do not short circuit. Batteries can release tremendous current. Do not put loose batteries in pockets or containers as they may short out. Never leave charging batteries unattended!