The Dos and Don’ts of the E-Cig You’ll Love

When using any variable wattage device you must follow the basic rules of Ohm's law: Meaning the higher you wish to set your wattage at, the higher the resistance, or Ohms, you will need. The 134 starter kit includes 1 iClear30 clearomizer that is built at 2.2 Ohms. Based on this it is recommended to keep your wattage between 8W-9W at the absolute most. If you were to set it any higher, you would quickly burn out your coils and begin to get a harsh and burnt taste.

If you wanted to set your wattage higher, there are other tanks available that would enable you to do so; the DCT (Dual Coil Tank) is a customer favorite! A variable wattage device is great to use for those who are first stepping out of the standard 3.7V batteries, such as the KGO or the Firefly. Variable wattage devices will automatically set the voltage for you, based on what the Ohms are on your tank/atomizer. Of course one cannot simply set the device at 12W and not expect it to burn out. Wattage is more forgiving than voltage mode since you are working in a range of .5 increments instead of .1.

When filling your iClear30 clearomizer, it’s recommended to let the e-liquid sit in the tank for 5-10 minutes before vaping. This ensures that the wicks fully soak up the e-liquid and pull it to the heating coil, so you aren't taking a dry drag. After this, set your wattage relatively low (around 7/7.5W) to break in the iClear30. Taking slow drags at a lower wattage will help break in the flavor and help with vapor production. When the drag becomes full and easy, then go ahead and turn your wattage up if preferred. The average life of the iClear30 heating coil is around a week or so, but you will want to look for a lack of flavor and vapor production before changing them out. We sell replacement heating coils for $3.95 a piece or we offer a 3 for $10 deal.

When it’s time to charge your battery, and the LED behind the button is flashing red 5 times, untwist the bottom cap and slide the AW Battery into the Trustfire Dual Charger. It takes approximately 6-8 hours to fully charge a battery. Please note: DO NOT STACK 18350 batteries into the device as this will short the circuit board!! It is recommended to use ONLY 18650 high drain IMR batteries! Other than that… enjoy vaping!

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