Our Mission

Since our inception in 2010, our mission is to transition adult smokers away from combustible cigarettes with vapor technology, and gradually lower their nicotine use through a step-down process which weans them off nicotine all together.

In recent years, our mission has expanded to include transitioning adult vapers from high nicotine products that keep consumers hooked without a step down solution.

Unique eCigs offers a better way! Please visit one of our eight retail locations to learn more!


For over a decade, past smokers across the U.S. have used Unique eCigs USA Select & Lake Effect premium E-Liquids to make vaping their alternative to smoking and have come to realize they are the cleanest and most satisfying Tobacco and Menthol flavors on the market! USA Select & Lake Effect have gone through rigorous testing procedures under strict quality control standards and have earned the trust of vapers across America.


Unique eCigs provides easy-to-use devices for everyone. Each device offers its own unique properties for every individual from small form and easy to carry, to larger feel with more battery life. They also have the most innovative hardware from advanced safety features and air flow technology to the latest USB-C charging ports. Each device is specifically chosen to be paired with USA Select or Lake Effect and are easy to fill and simple to operate. Please visit one of our retail locations for these and other hardware availability.