Get $10 OFF the Innokin X.1 Clearomizer!

For the month of July, Innokin's X.1 Clearomizer is on sale for the lowest price to date! These clearomizers are regularly priced at $26.99 and will be sold for $10 off at $16.99! Each clearomizer package includes:
  • The X.1 clearomizer
  • 1 pre installed heating coil
  • 2 replacement (2.1 ohm) coils
The X.1 has proven itself to be extremely solid, as the tank is made entirely of Pyrex glass. Pyrex glass is a great alternative to plastic tanks because it has the ability to stop e-liquids from eroding or cracking the tank. Some people even say that Pyrex provides better flavor with every drag! This large clearomizer will hold up the 3ml of e-liquid eliminating the need to refill your tank numerous times a day - certainly making it a more convenient choice for busy days. The X.1 also has a lower resistance (2.1 ohm) dual coil clearomizer, providing you with extra heat for your drag, as well as excellent flavor and vapor production. Lastly, this tank is a bottom feeding tank - meaning the e-liquid is constantly sitting directly on the heating coil/wicks and therefore reducing the possibility of taking a dry/harsh drag.

Filling Your X.1 Clearomizer

X.1DualCoilClear_prod-300x300To fill your X.1, unthread the base of the clearomizer and ensure that the coil pre installed is tightly secured into place. Some coils unthread a bit during packaging and shipping. Next, shake your e-liquid very well (as the nicotine and flavoring is concentrated) and fill the glass tank upside down - making sure to avoid the center hole. Fill to the top, and twist the base securely back into place. Once assembled, it is recommended to let the tank sit for 5-10 minutes to ensure the wicks have fully soaked up the e-liquid. After that, thread the tank onto your device and vape away! When your heating coil is starting to wear out you will begin to notice a burnt/harsh taste, and your e-liquid may become discolored. To change the heating coil, simply unthread the base and discard the old coil, and twist a new one back into place. Refill and let the e-liquid set like usual. The average life of the X.1 heating coils are around a week or so (depending on the usage level), but replacement heating coils are sold for only $3.95 a piece, or 5x$15!

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