Introducing FOUR NEW Firefly Starter Kits (Ecig Batteries)

fireflycE5For over 2 years now, our Firefly batteries have been a customer favorite! The quality and performance of these 900 mAh batteries have given customers the opportunity to use a reliable and satisfying battery. The flashiness of these batteries have taken the standard 3.7V batteries up a notch - all the while not forgoing performance. With 4 different color options and the "flashlight mode,” the Firefly batteries have proven themselves for years and are sure to stick around. Since we launched the Firefly kit, we have given our customers the opportunity to "Build Your Own Kit" - allowing you to choose the color of your batteries, color of your CE-5/iClear16 clearomizers, and of course a free bottle of e-liquid. We are now ready to step up our game and will be launching FOUR NEW Firefly starter kits that will give you the opportunity to choose from 4 additional types of clearomizers. The entire Firefly Starter Kit Line will include: All of the Firefly Build Your Own Starter Kits will include:
  • 2 Firefly Batteries - 900 mAh (in colors of choice)
  • 2 Clearomizers (in color and type of choice)
  • 1 USB Charging Cord
  • 1 Home Adapter
  • 1 FREE 18ml bottle of e-liquid
The only exception to this design will be the Firefly Protank II Mini kit as this will include only ONE clearomizer, but will include an additional 2 heating coils! All of these starter kits will be available for purchase at any retail store or online beginning July 1st. Be sure to pick up a Firefly starter kit and see what the benefit of having numerous ecig options can do for you!

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