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New & Authentic Rebuildable Atomizers, Parts & Supplies!

Not Just an Alternative to Smoking, but a Hobby

Throughout the past year Unique eCigs has been extremely excited to add more Rebuildable Atomizers – including parts and supplies to our product lineup! Rebuilding your atomizers gives you the opportunity to build your heating coils exactly the way you want. This gives you the option to build for more flavor and more importantly better vapor production. Although there are Sub Ohm Clearomizers/Tanks available, rebuilding truly lets you cater to what you look for in a drag while vaping. Over time it’s easy to have rebuilding become a hobby and not just an alternative to smoking!

Our Newest Authentic Rebuildables

Kayfun V4

Kayfun-4Our ever growing rebuildable product line offers an array of items for those who are looking for something that is cost effective, or for those who seek high-end authentic atomizers. The newest authentic rebuildable we now carry is the Kayfun V4 by SvoëMesto. This RTA can be found online and at all Unique Cigs locations. This rebuildable tank atomizer features:

  • 3 tank options: Glass, Steel, or Polycarbonate
  • Holds up to 4 ML of e-liquid
  • Option to shut off the flow of e-liquid for easy-access to build deck
  • Fill tank without screwdriver!

Derringer Clone

Derringer-RDA-ps-3For those who are new to building (or don’t necessary yearn for an authentic rebuildable) we have a lot of new products that just hit our shelves! The first is the Derringer Clone. The Derringer is an incredibly small rebuildable dripping atomizer that will make any set up very stealthy. It features an adjustable airflow valve, allowing you to build single or dual coil builds. We will carry the Derringer clone in both Stainless Steel and Copper ensuring it’ll look fantastic on any type of mod that you choose!

Marquis Clone

marquis-rda-ps3Another RDA that will be hitting our shelves will be the Marquis Clone. This RDA is unique because the kit also includes 4 posts of various sizes that allow you to build your coils directly onto it so that when you install it, your coils will be in optimal position. You have numerous building options with this particular atomizer making it very versatile. The Marquis will be available in Stainless Steel only.

Mini Buddha RTA

Mini-Buddha-ssLastly, we will be adding the Mini Buddha RTA to our lineup. The Mini Buddha RTA is a 2.5 ML Pyrex rebuildable tank atomizer that offers adjustable airflow. This smaller tank looks great on almost all types of set ups, making this a convenient tank to use on the go! On top of the newer products that we sell, we have many other rebuildable options that we’ve carried for a while: The Authentic Tugboat RDA, Authentic Dark Horse RDA, Mr Owl RDA, The Billow RTA, The Revel RDTA and MANY more!

Rebuildable Parts & Supplies

Kuro-Concept-Coilers-1Our parts and supplies portion of this product line is also growing in size! We carry two types of wicking material: Ekowool and KOGA Japanese Cotton. We carry authentic A1 Kanthal Vapowire in various gauges (24G up to 32G) giving you a huge variety as to what ohm you can build your coils. We have ceramic tweezers that will allow you to pinch your coils while heating them up, saving you some time when perfecting your coils.

Lastly we have 2 different types of wrapping tools: An aluminum coil jig and Kuro Concepts style coilers. Both provide you with posts of varying diameters so you can easily & precisely wrap your coils. Be sure to stop by your favorite Unique eCigs location for more information about our Rebuildable product line!

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Atlantis & Melo: Easy-To-Use Sub Ohm Clearomizer Tanks

Easy-To-Use Sub Ohm Clearomizer Tanks

Atlantis-TankSub ohm tanks have taken the vaping industry by storm lately and all for good reason! These tank systems will allow you to get the flavor and vapor production you seek after as if you were rebuilding your atomizer, but you don’t have to do the necessary work! No wrapping your coils and wicking them properly, no messy wire remains floating around, and you won't have to worry about building a coil that doesn’t work! Sub ohm clearomizer tanks are so simple to use because you just need to thread the coil head into the base, prime it with e-liquid, and you’re ready to go!

Atlantis Sub Ohm Tank

atlantis-replacement-tank-2We currently sell 2 sub ohm tank systems; The Atlantis and the Melo. The Atlantis is manufactured by Aspire and has worked incredibly well since day one. These 2 ML tanks feature 0.5 ohm prebuilt coils and use organic cotton internally giving you a clean and pure taste without forgoing flavor and vapor production. The Atlantis is sold for $42.99 and includes the tank itself, one additional heating coil, and a wide bore drip tip. We also have an additional spare tank that can be used in place of the original Atlantis and this will hold up to 5 ML of e-liquid and is sold for $11.99.

Melo Sub Ohm Tank

 Melo-TankThe new MELO sub ohm clearomizer is manufactured by ELEAF. This sub ohm clearomizer is very comparable to the Atlantis as these also are a 0.5 ohm tank that uses organic cotton. The MELO will hold a little more e-liquid than the Atlantis as they will hold up to 3.5 ML of e-liquid. It also features an adjustable airflow valve allowing you to cater to your preferred airflow intake. The clearomizer will be sold for an aggressive price for just $24.99! The MELO kit will include the tank itself and two replacement heating coils. What’s fantastic about this particular tank is that the replacement heating coils for the Atlantis can be used inside of the MELO – making both tanks interchangeable! Be sure to check out these tanks and add them to your vaping lineup!

Required Devices

Please note that sub ohm tanks CANNOT be used on standard voltage batteries/devices! In order to safely use these clearomizers you must have a regulated device such as an iStick30W, iStick50W, iPV3, or a mechanical device! If you are unsure if your device can safely fire off these clearomizers please contact your favorite Unique Cigs location or our customer service department for more information!

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Thank You for Helping Us Donate $7,880 to the MDA!

MDA 2015Unique Cigs, Inc participated in the MDA Muscle Walk on Saturday March 21, 2015 at the OnCenter in Syracuse, NY.

The Muscle Walk had an incredible turn out as hundreds of people came out to show their support! We had 11 Unique Cigs employees attend with their family and friends.

Muscle Walk Raised $42,000

In total, the MDA raised over $42,000 in donations from all who participated. With your contributions to our Shamrock sale, contributions made in our coffee donation bins that are available at all locations, and additional donations from family and friends we raised over $7880.00!!!

How Donations Help Fight Muscular Dystrophy

All of the money that is raised every year is used to fund MDA research to find treatments and cures that support the MDA’s life enhancing programs including state of the art clinics, support groups, and the MDA summer camp where children affected by the disease can be care-free for a week.

Thank you to everybody who donated to this cause this year as we couldn’t have done it without you! Going forward we will still have our donation bins available next to our Keurig coffee machines and every penny that goes into them will go directly towards the MDA throughout the year.

Cicero Hearts

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April 30th – Qualify to Win a FREE iStick 50W!

Want to win a FREE iStick 50W?

small-unicig-april-giveawayOn April 30th, Unique eCigs is randomly selecting ONE QUALIFIED FACEBOOK FAN to win a free iStick 50W. The winner gets to choose one of 4 colors and will also receive a free bottle of our signature e-liquid!


1. Enter our Giveaway Form

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This also allows you to join our monthly email newsletter (which BUNDLES up our latest DISCOUNTS for you once a month!). You only need to sign up once & that entry will cover all future giveaway qualifications→ ENTER HERE

2. Click The "Share" Button

When you see our giveaway promotion on Facebook, click the "Share" button to share the post on your Timeline. By increasing our reach to new vapers, you'll also increase our CUSTOMER SERVICE to better assist you in all your vaping needs!

3. Like & Leave a Comment

After you've completed our other challenges, "Like" our giveaway posts and leave a "Comment" describing the Unique eCigs signature e-liquid & color iStick you would choose if you were selected as the winner.


  • Unique eCigs sponsors monthly promotions to give fans the chance to try our quality products
  • This promotion is NOT sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook
  • Qualified fans are randomly selected. Sorry, previous winners will not be reselected.
  • You must have a US shipping address to be eligible to win
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Our Redesigned Plattsburgh Location Will Feature Drive-Thru Service!

New Design & Extended Hours

Unique eCigs is proud and excited to announce our grand re-opening of our Plattsburgh, New York location!! This location will be the first location of our 10 that will have a completely redesigned look and feel to the store. Our new location will be directly across the street from our current location in Booth Plaza. Our new address will be 519 Route 3 Suite 200 Plattsburgh, NY 12901. We'll also be offering extended hours so that we can better serve you! We will be open from 9 am- 9 pm Monday-Saturday and 1 pm-6 pm on Sunday.

Drive-Thru Service & Liquid Bar!

drive-thru-ecig-syracuse-nyAside from the physical address change, we have big plans for this location. We will be offering a new and updated Liquid Bar, so that you can sample all of our e-liquid flavors more efficiently. This location will also feature Unique Cigs’ first drive-thru service! Pull your car around the side of the building and stock up on heating coils, and e-liquid so you don’t have to leave your warm car during the harsh winter months.

We also have plans to host Vape Meets and Cloud Competitions, and could be hosting some as early as April! Be sure to check our Facebook page for official details and confirmation on this. Our projected day of opening at our new location is Monday April 27th, but could be sooner!! We are incredibly excited about this re-launch and hope to see you all there!

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Introducing the MVP 3.0 & iStick 50W!

Unique eCigs is happy to announce that two new, and highly sought after devices have made their way to our shelves: the MVP 3.0 & the iStick 50W! Higher wattage devices are certainly becoming an ongoing trend in the vaping community and these two box mods deliver exactly what you are looking for!

iTaste MVP 3.0 Features

itaste mvp 3.0The iTaste MVP 3.0 features a 30 watt chip inside which now let’s your device be set from 3.0V-9 Volts or 6.0W-30 Watts giving you wide parameters to which you can set your device. It features a 3800 mAh internal battery and still gives you the option to charge other devices off of your MVP, just like its predecessors. The MVP is still a pass through device allowing you to vape on your device while it’s charging. It has a flush 510 connection pin allowing most types of atomizers to thread onto the device but the kit also includes an eGo adapter. The MVP 3.0 can fire atomizers with resistances as low as 0.4, catering to those who enjoy rebuilding their atomizers. The MVP 3.0 is available in 4 colors; Black, Silver, Blue, or Pink and is sold for $74.99.

iStick 50W Features

iStick 50WThe new iStick 50W will allow you to set your device from 2.0V-10 Volts or 5W-50 Watts giving you even wider parameters to which you can set your device. It features a 4400 mAh internal battery, giving you incredible battery life as well as the option to use the device as a pass through. The iStick also has a spring loaded connector making the device suitable for different types of atomizers. This device can power atomizers with resistances as low as 0.2 ohms, perfect for those who are cloud chasers! The iStick 50W features a temperature alarm function where if the temperature of the device is over 70 degrees Celsius, the output will shut off automatically; ensuring that you are vaping safely! The iStick 50W is available in 4 colors; Black, Silver, Blue, or Red and retails for $59.99.

Both kits will include a free bottle of our signature e-liquid as well! If you have questions about either of these kits be sure to contact our customer service department at 315-698-9600.

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Help Us Fight Muscle Disease! Our 2015 MDA Goal is $6,000.00!

MDA Walk 2Unique Cigs, Inc is proud to sponsor the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) to help support the fight against muscle disease!

Our 2015 MDA Muscle Walk Goal: $6,000.00

In 2014, Unique eCigs donated over $7,000 to the MDA and we hope to donate even more this year with your help! This year we are asking for your support to raise a minimum of $6,000.00 for the Muscle Walk which will be held at The OnCenter on March 21, 2015.

Support with Shamrocks!

15883_10153026495681154_1847763362798914453_nAll ten Unique eCigs retail stores are selling $1 and $5 Shamrocks to support the MDA and the Muscle Walk, which Unique eCigs will match up to $3,000.00!! It is our goal for each store to raise a minimum of $300.00 totaling $3,000.00 that Unique eCigs will match!! The last day to purchase Shamrocks at our retail locations is Friday March 20th 2015.

In addition, each store has had a donation sign in front of their Keurig that states: "As always coffee is free but a donation to the MDA is great!” These funds will also be used to support the MDA and the Muscle Walk at the OnCenter this year.

Unique eCigs would like to say “Thank You” to everyone who is supporting this cause!

MDA Logo & Banner

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March Madness Forming Unique eCigs Discounts!

March Madness isn’t just for college basketball fans anymore! Throughout the month of March, Unique eCigs will be extending our Innokin sale that we had in February AND will be adding more products that will be offered at MASSIVE DISCOUNTS! Some of these items are listed with clearance pricing so once they’re gone, they’re gone! Be sure to stock up on these products as they won’t be on our shelves forever. The following items will be on sale for the month of March both online and at our 10 retail locations:

  • iTaste VV/VW Express Kit (3.0)

    [caption id="attachment_31033" align="alignright" width="487"]iTasteMVP-20watt iTaste MVP 20watt[/caption]

    – On sale for $29.99 (While supplies last)
  • SVD II

    – On sale for $79.99


  • MVP 20W1-140423160H20-L

    – On sale for $41.99 (regularly $56.99)
  • iTaste DRV

    – On sale for $69.99 (regularly $84.99)

On top of all of these promotions we still have select Innokin kits on clearance pricing for 50% off! This includes the Cool Fire 1, Cool Fire 2, 134, 134 Mini, and the VTR while supplies last! Every kit sold will include a FREE 18ML bottle of our signature e-liqud! Call our customer service department or your favorite Unique eCigs brick and mortar location to check the availability of these products.

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Thank You, Facebook Fans, for Almost 6,000 Likes!

897px-Facebook_like_thumbUnique eCigs wants to say THANK YOU to all of our loyal Facebook fans! In just a few short years our Facebook following has increased to almost 6,000 likes! We love seeing how active everybody is on our posts, and how much you all like, comment, and share. The monthly giveaways have now become a tradition not only for you, but for us as well! We love the excitement about new products and seeing the potential of one of you owning them! It is truly amazing and humbling reading all of your success stories and testimonies and how we have set you up with your life changing vapor system. It's people like you, who gives us our passion of what we do and what we sell. So thank you all Facebook fans. Vape on!


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2015 Is the Year for Higher Wattage Ecig Devices

[caption id="attachment_30656" align="alignright" width="247"]iTaste-MVP-20-watt-2 iTaste MVP 20W[/caption] There is an increasing demand for devices that can put out a crazy amount of POWER – all whilst having the option to thread a stock clearomizer onto it, or have the option to put a low resistance rebuildable atomizer onto it. Manufacturers are focusing their time and energy on giving your device the ability to be set at higher settings, AND have the device compacted into smaller shells, or bodies. We currently have a few different devices that offer higher parameters for more powerful vaping and we are sure to add more to our lineup as time goes on!

Innokin manufactured 2 devices that enable you to set your wattage HIGHER

[caption id="attachment_30657" align="alignleft" width="201"]Innokin iTaste VV4 Innokin iTaste VV4[/caption]

The first is the new version of the MVP. The MVP 20W can be set from 6.0W-20W and still features its incredible 2600 mAh battery capacity. Also the new iTaste VV4 gives you the ability to set your device from 6.0W-15W and has an 1000 mAh internal battery. Both of these devices are passthrough devices, giving you the ability to vape on your device while it's charging.

New devices manufactured by eLeaf enable you to set your wattage at 2 different sets of parameters

[caption id="attachment_30659" align="alignright" width="176"]eLeaf iStick 30W eLeaf iStick 30W[/caption]

The iStick 30W can be set from 5W-30W and features a 2200 mAh internal battery. This device can power atomizers with resistances as low as 0.4 ohms. The iStick 50W can be set from 5W-50W and features a 4400 mAh internal battery. It can power atomizers with resistances as low as 0.2 ohms.  The iSticks will be available in a couple different, fun colors – ensuring a device that's appealing to everybody!

The iPV3, manufactured by Pioneer4you, enables you to set your device to an incredible 150W!

[caption id="attachment_30658" align="alignleft" width="98"]Pioneer4you iPv3 Pioneer4you iPv3[/caption]

Lastly, the dual 18650 battery iPV3 will not only give you tremendous battery life but also incredible vaping power. The iPV3 can fire atomizers with resistances as low as 0.1 ohms and also has an upgradeable chip inside – leaving you with the potential to have your device reach even higher settings! It's recommended to use some sort of rebuildable atomizer onto the iPV3 as well as the iSticks so that you can use your device to its fullest potential!


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