Why choose Unique eCigs?  
Unique eCigs was founded by a past smoker who wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and discovered that electronic cigarette technology could successfully transition adult smokers away from combustible cigarettes to this life changing technology.
Beginning with a small kiosk in Clay, NY on May 1st, 2010 – Unique eCigs began a positive transformation in smokers lives that continues to this day! With the conception of American Made USA Select and Lake Effect in 2012, and the opening of multiple brick-n-mortar locations in Up State NY, Unique eCigs moved on to build its headquarters in Liverpool, NY, and began distributing their products all over America. With the long-term use of our products coupled with strict quality control standards, Unique eCigs has earned the trust of thousands of vapers across the United States.
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What is USA Select & Lake Effect?
USA Select & Lake Effect are American Made E-Liquids that were created as our premier tobacco and menthol flavors. They each have four nicotine strengths beginning at 2.4% (24mg) for heavier use, 1.6% (16mg) for regular use, 0.8% (8mg) for lighter use, and 0.0% (0mg) for those who have weaned off nicotine all together. Each bottle contains 18ml (.61 fl. oz.)
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  • USA Select is a classic tobacco flavor that is rich with earthy notes and a smooth finish.
  • Lake Effect is a straight menthol flavor that has a clean rush of menthol with a brisk finish.
Our Mission
Since our inception in 2010, our mission is to transition adult smokers away from combustible cigarettes with vapor technology, and gradually lower their nicotine use through a step-down process which weans them off nicotine all together.
In recent years, our mission has expanded to include transitioning adult vapers away from high nicotine products that keep consumers hooked without a step down solution.
Unique eCigs offers a better way!
 Unique eCigs Step Down Method